Army Bob: Sorry, folks, I’ve got to call out my detractors

“Only Neanderthals question science.” — CNN

“The left wants us woke — they have awoken a sleeping giant.” — Fox News.

by Robert M. Traxler

It is past time to call out the American media and tech giants, time to do a truth check on those who openly and loudly call folks like me a liar, and of course it goes without saying, a racist, sexist, homophobe, Islamophobe, closed-minded, a science denier and an anti-intellectual.

And those are but a few of the basic issue of names that the open, caring, non-judgmental left uses to label us; and they call us closed-minded. Folks, you can’t make this stuff up.

Let’s ask a few questions. We were promised by not hundreds but thousands of media at all levels that President Trump was a paid Russian agent; just why a billionaire needs to be paid doesn’t matter.  We were told that any day now the proof will come out — just wait for Mueller report.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Representative Adam Shiff, dozens of Democrats, and many in the fourth estate told us they had seen conclusive evidence that President Trump was a Russian operative. Believe them 100%, it is only a matter of time.

We were told that officer Brian Sicknick was bludgeoned to death by Trump supporters; it was a charge in the second impeachment hearing. Even weeks after the real truth was known, it was not reported.  Ahh, ahh oops, he sadly passed of natural causes two days after the demonstration.

Ranger Rick and I were called science deniers and called anti-intellectual because we questioned the settled science of climate change. Every scientist agreed with predictions of the world ending by 2030 if we did not cut carbon emissions by 3% to 5% every year from 2017 until 2030. Well, the cuts have not happened, and will not happen in any year before 2030. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Senator Bernie Sanders and most leftists, the world Health Organization, NOAA, the United Nations Council on the Environment and many more, all preached the settled, indeed unquestionable science as gospel.

Eight-and-one-half years and counting until Armageddon; the carbon spewing into the atmosphere is increasing and will increase for the next nine to twenty years, with China and India leading the way to damnation. We must, must believe it or be an anti-science, anti-intellectual deniers. So why are all the folks who said the science was settled and irrefutable praising China’s new goal of being carbon neutral by 2050?

We must believe them, so the world will be irreversibly on its way to the ending 20 years before then. And they call conservative liars and not trustworthy; go figure, the real big lie.

According to the always truthful, always correct media and socialists, the last presidential election or the “Big Lie” was the first election completely free of fraud ever.  That then became no proof of fraud, then no indictments for fraud, then no massive fraud, then no evidence fraud made any difference, then no proof it made a difference in the outcome of the presidential election.

So which time were they lying? Apparently, no one cares, at least no one in the media or Democratic Socialist Party. “Come on, man,” time to hold these folks to some standard, any standard, as they do us.

The COVID-19 pandemic was not man-made, and it did not start in China, anyone who states it did is (of course) a racist; Banning travel from China was not necessary and (one more time) a racist idea.

Speaker Pelosi, Governor Cuomo, the New York, and San Francisco newspapers and more told us to go out unmasked and hug a person from China to show them we are not like our former President Trump a, wait for it… racist. Got to ask yourself how many good folks died as a net result of that bit of “undeniable truth.”

At first, we had to believe wearing a face mask was dangerous and even unpatriotic; then we had to believe that wearing a face mask (even two) was necessary. COVID could not be spread through human contact; then, if you got within six feet of a person it was dangerous.

We were told COVID-19, a respiratory virus, was not spread through breathing in infected air, the no need to mask period. It must be the only respiratory virus ever not spread through respiration, but who cares? We must believe the science and we are not allowed to question it. We must be good little socialists, never ask questions and click our heels while saluting a closed fist Nazi-type salute to the absurd, if the National Socialists, media, bureaucrats, wonks and cancel culture tells us to.

The latest from the left: anyone who does not live in a megalopolis is a racist and anti-environmentalist. More next week on that undeniable truth. My opinion.


  • Mr. Traxler, thank you once again for your concerns and good thoughts. The malaise that you and your readers feel is understandable, given the examples you present. It’s unfortunate that our ever-changing world is so complicated. The views behind and ahead always seem foggy, it’s hard to discern friend or foe, and our true destination is unknown.

    With so many competing and discordant voices in the choir, it’s impossible to follow the beat, keep the rhythm, understand the words, or hear the melody. But we hum along anyway, naturally coping through confirmation bias, our tendency to only play, sing, and enjoy music that we already like.

    The truth is certainly out there, and we can learn what we don’t know through education, debate, questioning and challenging. Who cares, you ask? I think you care, and I hope and trust that your readers care as well. We may agree or disagree with your content, but I hope we also respect your efforts to get our attention and put the ball in play.

    The peanut gallery chooses to comment with cheers or boos for the players, coaches and refs. But progress requires more than just pointing out what’s wrong with the playbook or who dropped the ball. We can’t win if everyone sits on the sidelines or in the stands. Only players can make plays, move the ball downfield, and cross the goal line.

    Henry Ford supposedly said: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” So let’s assume for grins that we all promise henceforth to stop believing anything we hear from Democrats or the Media, or anything about Covid, climate change, Trump, China, and January 6th, to stop performing Nazi salutes and being “good socialists,” and to question everything else. If that’s a good start, then what’s next? What more can we do?

    • Mr. Bergeron,
      Thanks for the comment, very well done.
      We can look at both sides and decide for ourselves, but look at both sides and see the bias built into most reports. Facts are pesky things as they get in the way of feelings.
      Thanks again.

      • Mr. Traxler, unfortunately to my eyes, looking at issues often feels more like examining golf balls with hundreds of dimples, than looking at coins with only one side, or another. But the more we look, the more we can learn, and hopefully help. Good luck to you, Sir, and thank you again too!

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