Guest editorial: Resistance to Covid vaccine is baffling

EDITOR’S NOTE: Julie Mack is a retired journalist, most recently working for MLive, focusing mostly on Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo. She posted this on Facebook this week:

by Julie Mack

Julie Mack

Now that I’m retired, I’ve been musing about the key takeaways from my past 15 months of reporting on the Coronavirus.

Perhaps the biggest is this: COVID-19 has created the world’s biggest public health crisis in more than a century. But the vaccines are the pandemic’s equivalent of the Manhattan Project: A breathtaking scientific achievement in both speed and scope.

COVID-19 is now largely a preventable disease. The vaccines are safe and effective. The data is abundantly, overwhelming clear that the risks posed by COVID-19 far, far, far outweigh the risks of getting vaccinated.

That 40% of people who qualify for vaccines have yet to be inoculated is totally baffling to me. Just in Michigan alone, there are hundreds of people still hospitalized every week and dozens who die of COVID-19, not to mention the hundreds newly diagnosed each week with the virus who risk long-haul COVID, a syndrome that can impact about one of five people with the virus.

(Think about this: You haven’t heard about ERs filling up with people having reactions to the shots.)

If you haven’t been vaccinated, go to the nearest pharmacy and get it done. Don’t be among those end up seriously ill, wishing that you hadn’t put it off.


  • It is troubling. But everything now days is political. One side says yes one side says no. Letting congress dictate your health is foolish. The sad part is those who were vaccinated in private say no. My wife and I are both fully vaccinated had minor discomfort. Feel good trying to stay safe. I hear people say some one got real sick from the vaccine I ask are they ok now ah yes. Over 600.000. died from covid are they ok NO. Forget the BS.

  • So through the miracle of modern medicine several big pharma companies whip up a wonder vaccine ( that the government paid billions for I’m sure) to save that world! No years if not decades of testing, no long term effect studies, nothing like the normal FDA scrutiny and I am supposed to take the word of the Washington moron squad that “this is good for me”. No thank you. It is easy to quote how many supposed deaths have occured from covid but the msm never tells us about how many side effects or deaths are links to the vaccine. Sorry but I still have a functioning mind and free will that allows ME to decide what is best for me and at this time I choose not to drink the Kool aid thank you very much. Also you all can step down from your soap boxes now and let this covid crap die peacefully please.

    • You apron hiding no name commenters do not realize your comments mean nothing. Might as well come from Yogie and Boo Boo. Lots of big words lots of name calling. The supposed deaths are real. I think you already drank the kool aid that messed with your functioning mind. Keep hiding.

  • Just because I choose to protect my self and loved ones from someone who may not be wrapped to tightly from the left or right DOES NOT make my opinion less significant. I don’t want to be put into a situation where I may have to defend myself and you know that this day and age that is very possible. Sorry to disappoint you. Maybe we should deal with the issues at hand instead of the identity of people who post here.

    • It’s simple — if you are too scared to back up your comments with a name or a face just keep quiet stay in the basement. You and your loved ones will be safe from the left the right and maybe Covid. You won’t have to defend yourself down there, but keep a light on. Don’t know if you are scared of the dark?

      • The issues at hand Dennis, the issues at hand. Why are you so infatuated with my identity. I don’t think I want to share a meal or even a cup of coffee with you so please just get over it.

  • Just an old farmboy. I hate to inform you this but the Corona Virus has been around for many years. The science/medical community have been working on a vaccine (because they know a pandemic will come, it did and it will again) for over 10 years! Yes that is a decade of work sir. Because this pandemic spread around the world so quickly ALL epidemiologists, medical scientists & doctors alike began to collaborate on this so they could get it done quickly. I go back to the point Julie made in her article, how many people have been hospitalized and or died from getting this vaccination? Compare that number (if you have one) to the number related to the Covid Virus. My man it’s really simple, trust those who know.

    • Jon, I respect your opinion and am aware of the numbers. I do not deny the virus is real but I am becoming extremely tired of being told what is good for ME. Trust me during this past year I have taken the precautions, masks, social distancing, ect. and have not experienced any ill effects. I am sure everyone including the basement dwellers is fully aware by now the risks so all I ask is for the world to get off the soap box and stop the constant harping on this issue. Good Lord, enough is enough already. Now if you will excuse me I think I will return to my basement with my cup of coffee as I have been accused of and finish planning my vacation. Oh and thank you for your concern but I’m all good.

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