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Delta variant may bump Covid threat in county

The number of deaths in Allegan County connected to the Coronavirus pandemic has remained steady this month, but there are some small indications of concern that may mirror worries nationwide.

The county death toll as of Friday, July 16, stood at 158, with only one fatality reported over the past two weeks. The two-week window also indicated there were only 31 cases of Covid-19 and the positivity rate among those tested was only 1.9 percent.

However, a few minor statistics may be troubling, particularly information that the daily average of new cases over seven days has increased from 1.6 on Sunday, July 4, to 4.3 as of July 16. That could be attributed to Fourth of July gatherings, but most of those were outdoor activities.

The seven-day daily average for this year reached a high of 76 on April 20, but since then has been declining, which medical personnel believe is the result of widespread vaccinations that commenced last winter.

On a wider scale, health care professionals are expressing worry that the latest Covid variant, the Delta virus that originated in India, has been making its way into the United States and has negatively impacted states in the South.

Medical spokespersons have indicated those who have received two vaccinations from Moderna or Pfizer and one from Johnson & Johnson should be protected from any serious problems associated with the virus. However, in some southern states, the vaccination rates are below 35% and threats of spread are increasing.

Allegan County has reported 18,376 people have been tested, 11,236 have been determined to be positive and 256 have been hospitalized since the viral pandemic began in March 2020.


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