A fall brings Townbroadcast news to a crawl

by J.D. Gonzales


The editor of the Townbroadcast, David T. Young, suffered a rather bad fall up north while helping out a family member.  After a hospital visit, it was determined that he did some major damage to his right elbow and may require surgery.  Unfortunately, it looks like he will be out of commission for the time being.  That means his tireless attendance at local government meetings will be curtailed as well as his reporting on said events.  Also, his ability to post many community announcements such as obituaries may also be affected.

Be assured that once he is able to heal and regain physical abilities, he will return to reporting the news, making commentaries, and posting community events.

On behalf of Townbroadcast, we wish him a speedy recovery and ask our readers for a bit of patience over the next couple of weeks.


  • All the best wishes to Mr. Young, elbows are tricky. After two hips and a shoulder replacement let me recommend replacement if the Doctors deem appropriate.
    My regards to Mrs. Young for looking after, him no easy job, she is in all our prayers, as is Dave.

  • J D -Thanks for the update! Looks like it is time for some goofy get well comments!

    Patruschuka. (Sorry if I misspelled it)

  • Heal quickly, David, and soon you’ll be back in the saddle leading us forward. In the meantime, no worries about skipping those crazy old-timey in-person meetings. There’s plenty you can monitor in your pajamas and easy chair via Zoom. Plus, these days smart phones and computers are pretty darned good at voice recognition and dictation. So just make friends with the microphone button, let Siri/Alexa/Bixby/Google do your typing, and never forget that old Red Green Show Man’s Prayer: “I’m a man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess.”

  • Dear Coleen my heart goes out to you. I know Dave can be a pain the butt when he is healthy let alone wounded. If you want to scream go ahead I live close enough to hear you . Get healed soon Dave we miss you.

  • We’re gonna miss you at the historical library weekly, Dave. It’s gonna be really quite around here. One good thing – we won’t have to listen to you sing your moldy oldies. Our hearts go out to you, Coleen.

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