Army Bob: Was Dr. Martin Luther King called racist?

by Robert M. Traxler

The world will end in 2030. It is settled science, undeniable and unquestionable science, says 120 million socialist wonks.

How is the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King a racist? The socialists’ “undeniable truth” that he was a racist always bothered me. My experience in the deep south in the 1960s left me with a deep respect for him, and referring to him as a racist troubled me, so being an old criminal Investigator I investigated.

What I found is disturbing; according to Kaitlin Byrd who writes and speaks for many in the social justice movement, Reverend King told us that equality was possible a “big lie.” African Americans and all other minorities will never be equal, as racism is so ingrained in our society; it will never go away and minorities will never be truly equal. Equality is a racist doctrine; social justice (whatever in the hell that even is) is the goal, not equality or equality of opportunity.

We have a problem in that people do now and will always judge folks by the group. For example, some folks look down their noses at those of us from Dorr. People hate or love the Dallas Cowboys, Republicans or Democrats, people of German, Polish, Dutch, or Irish decent, and it goes without saying about Jewish folks.

I worked with a man who hated overweight people to the point that he was rude, crude and socially distant from them. People will always discriminate. In one place we lived, a lady built a home with pink siding. Folks were less than accepting of her and downright cruel when speaking about her, and not just about her home.

The goal must be equal opportunity, to be successful through hard honest work, not guaranteed outcomes regardless of effort based on color, creed or nation of origin for folks of any group.

The new debate is whether we legislate equal outcome over equal opportunity. Reverend King asked for Negroes (a politically correct term in those days) to have equal opportunity to work hard and receive fair/equal treatment in our nation; that makes him a racist?  Ms. Bird states that equal opportunity is a white racist concept; indeed, I read other works that said the Reverend Doctor King was an agent of the white establishment.

Folks, you can’t make this stuff up. The “White Establishment” hated Doctor King, as he stirred up the status quo and made life for them very unpleasant.

Interestingly, as a percent of the members of both houses, Republicans supported Reverend King and the overall civil rights movement more than Democrats, or as some referred to themselves, “Dixiecrats,” a term for southern Democrats.

It is past time for the silent majority of Americans to say enough is enough. You are not born a racist because you are a white person. George Washington was a flawed man but a great man, Abraham Lincoln was not a racist, nor was President U.S Grant. Fredrick Douglas was a tireless worker for African American rights and not a racist, and the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King was not a tool of the white supremacists, but a man who gave his life for Civil Rights for all Americans.

The emergence of the cancel culture has the cowards in the media scared poopless, and not afraid but terrorized, into submitting to every truly stupid idea uttered by the politically correct mob, like CRT and the 1619 Project.

One misstep and you are canceled, social media bans you, the folks at CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, PBS and the rest shun you and your life is ruined. The media mob attacked Mr. Bill Maher and attempted to cancel him when he pointed out how stupid the statement was that we as a nation have made no progress in civil rights at all. He pointed out that if you feel things are worse today than they were before the Civil War, you suffer from “Progressophobia.”

The socialists went ballistic; however, Mr. Maher simply did not care. Wounded and diminished, he carries on and remains true to his beliefs, a lesson the media mob should learn. Mr. Maher pointed out the lack of truth and basic integrity the media has in dealing with the wonks.

Good for him; it would be nice if the rest of the media had his intestinal fortitude and called stupid statements like, ‘all white people are born racist,’ stupid. My opinion.



    • Mr. Jones,
      Thank you for the comment. It is good you are a socialist, calling folks vile names will get you canceled if you are a conservative.

    • Mr. Jones
      Are you truly a living, breathing human being? Or just a facetious imaginary character created by the Editor to utter such foolishness to Army Bob’s articles?

  • Wow this is another bad story from a man who hates any body who he thinks is a socialist, so I’m suppose he hates people from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, ect. And I also remember why Bill Maher was cancelled here’s how it really happened. 6 days after 9/11 terrorist attacks and then president Bush statement calling them cowards, Maher told conservative pundit Dinesh D Soula that it was american that was the coward. ”We have been the cowards lobbying cruise missiles from 2,000 miles away, that’s cowardly staying in the airplane when it hits the building, say what you want about it not cowardly” after that ABC decided not to renew Mr Maher contract.

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