Army Bob: Should we just let the unvaccinated die?

by Robert M. Traxler

If you contract Covid-19 and did not get vaccinated, you need to just die, right?

Well according to many on the left you should. So much for the caring, loving, compassionate socialist movement; and these are the people who want to socialize our medical system.

I am vaccinated and will get the third shot, but some will not; do they deserve to “just die,” according to Rachel Maddow, Joy Behar, Jimmy Kimmel, News Week, Howard Stern, the Daily Mail, and many, many more? They just may. Folks, you can’t make this stuff up.

Ivermectin is referred to as a horse dewormed medicine; is it? Yes, it is, it is used in animals, just as is Penicillin, Amoxicillin, most human antibiotics; heck, human antibiotics are even used to treat fish.  Ivermectin’s developer received a Nobel Prize for medicine for its use in humans, oops.

Indeed, many drugs are used for both humans and animals; look into it and it will surprise you how many. Prozac, tramadol, chemotherapy drugs, thyroid medications, asthma drugs, and prednisone to name a few.

According to Rolling Stone, Rachel Maddow, Joy Behar, and the socialist movement, Ivermectin is only an animal medication. Tell that to the hundreds of thousands of mostly poor people in the underdeveloped and developed world who were treated with it. The American Socialist movement gets a story, whether true or not, that sounds good and en masse parrots it.

Facts? They don’t need no stinkin’ facts. They deal in feelings, hate and division; if the truth works for them great, if not and a lie will do, that is also great. As Ms. Hillary Clinton said in her famous interview with Katherine Anne Couric, sometimes, we need to say things that are not true to get elected and we cannot do good unless we get elected. The mantra of socialist movements throughout history is that the end justifies the means.

A report was broadcast on the NBC affiliate KFOR in Oklahoma City that a hospital could not treat gunshot wounds in its emergency room because it was full of Ivermectin overdoses. The story took off like a rocket, with the entire left-wing media parroting the story. A single phone call to the hospital in the report by one of the thousands of media folks who were involved in the reporting would have revealed it was false, and not one overdose of Ivermectin was even treated in that hospital, before the report was trumpeted as a stone-cold undeniable truth that we must believe.

The media just do not give a damn if it is true; it is a good lie that may see more unvaccinated people vaccinated, so the lie is thus justified in the hearts and minds of the left-wing media. The American Socialist movement warns their followers, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste…” said by Rahm Emanuel.

A movement is gaining acceptance that would require every person in the United States to sign a legally binding document that states that when they refuse to be immunized, they waive all medical care for the Covid-19 virus. Heartless? You decide. This type of action is indicative of socialism, and shows the growing number of people who would use health care to modify behavior and empower government.

If you are overweight, smoke, drink, bad diet, casual sex, no seat belts, speeding, spend time in the sun, any risky behavior as defined by the left, sorry, no health care for you.

The left wing was very quick to call President Donald Trump a liar, but lies are a specialty of the socialist movement. Owning the media helps them, as the lies are never questioned in the media; the media never asks themselves how the lies got to be treated as facts even after the lie was known.

National Socialism has never come to control a nation without resorting to lies and misdirection; the American Socialist movement is no different. And don’t get me started on President Biden and his out-and-out misstatements; I will not call my Commander in Chief a liar on Afghanistan.

My opinion.


  • Sir, are you, have you, or will you volunteer to help with the treatment of these individuals who refuse vax? I agree it is a heartless sounding “idea” at first blush, and is less than an ideal idea. Do you have any suggestions to help ease the burden on the medical system during this situation of rapidly increasing workload? Do you have experience managing care and or preventing mass casualty situations? What is the best way to help those doing the hardest tasks other than take their advice initially?

  • If my attempt at respect is not reflective of my gratitude twords your service. You have it from the depths of my soul. Perhaps as current an issue, and likely more of a topic in your realm of expertise. What is your take on the General Milley “controversy”, Is he treasonous? Or are we a dictatorship? Have we prevented countless wars with China, Russia, and possibly others over the last 70 odd years with these types of comms and procedures? How about the anxiety over the equipment left, in order to focus on human assets? Does this gentleman have accuracy in his perspective?
    Again, Thank You Sir!

  • I outlined in a column I wrote a few weeks ago many of the facts about Ivermectin that Mr. Traxler has reinforced in his column this week.

    It is never a mistake to reiterate truth and facts, to reinforce the merits of a helpful drug, like the COVID vaccines.

    However, it is also important to remind folks that Ivermectin use in humans for COVID, whether as a preventative or to alleviate symptoms, is not yet FDA approved. It is definitely being studied for symptom relief, and we may see it approved for wide use depending on what studies show. For now it remains wise to consult one’s own physician before taking this drug, as it can have serious adverse consequences if taken without medical guidance.

    AB also rails against specific media folks who have made vile remarks about denying treatment to unvaccinated people who contract COVID, and I’d like to add my voice to his condemnation. The Hippocratic Oath does not allow for the medical profession to act in such a manner. Traditional Christian teaching would also condemn this practice. Plus, it’s just plain unethical. For anyone to wish this on people afflicted with this nasty disease is beneath contempt. And these media celebrities should be ashamed of themselves for promoting such a hateful attitude.

    AB wrote “the left wing was very quick to call Donald Trump a liar.” It did. And many liberals like me were very hard on the ex-president for this monumental character flaw. AB should have qualified his statement by reiterating this truth (since he is a stickler for facts) before he went on to claim that lying is a specialty of the Socialist movement. Lying is, in today’s America, widespread and common on all sides of all issues. Honesty is rare, as scarce as hen’s teeth, as the old saying goes. It cannot be assigned to only one facet of the political scene anymore. The liberal media is quickly becoming as detestable as FOXNews and its propagandists.

    • The liberal media has made lying a science. The FOX affiliates and Fox News report what happened. The Fox commentators of opinion shows are entertainment and should not be viewed as “news”, much like CNN and the “View”.

      ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC are arms of the Democrat Party and hold to the Democrat line on anything and everything.

      President Trump had 4 years of lies perpetrated by the Democrat operatives and reported as fact by the alphabet news. To have done all he did for Americans and the country was a miracle based on the overwhelming opposition he faced 24 hrs. a day. Lies presented as facts and later found not to be true but no retraction or apologies. But such has the Democrat Party become, haters of the very Republic they preside over; Socialists, Communists, Facists, and Marxists. Why they hate their own country is a mystery.

      • Mr. Don’t Tread On Me,
        Thanks for the comment.
        Agree, why they hate the nation and still live here is a mystery? I have lived in Europe and Asia for six years and spent a lot of time in South/Central America why not move there and be happy rather than staying in the “worst nation in the world” according to the left? I have knowledge of other nations and wish to live no place else. We are not perfect but we are better than any other nation.
        Thanks again.

    • Ms. Mandaville,
      Thank you for the comment.
      The socialists own 90% of the media, so the sheer numbers indicate they lie and report false facts as truth more than the vastly smaller non-socialist media. Please view MSNBC; they are as over the top left wing as Fox News is right wing. MSNBC is joined to a lesser degree by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg, PBS (goes without saying) and more all jumping on false stories that work for their agenda with no truth filter, as does Fox News on the other side.
      I can attest first-hand that CNN has been biased and issued blatantly false reports since the late 1980s, long before Fox News was founded. Interesting you refer to Fox News as “propagandists” but not the others like MSNBC? Even a liberal mutual friend of ours, yours and mine, has referred to MSNBC as MSDNC.
      Thanks again for the comment.

      • Mr. Traxler, it is only my opinion, but I’d say that capitalists own 100% of the media in this country, not socialists. It’s all about the money, friend. We just quibble about whose money they’re after – liberal or conservative.

    • Seriously? If you choose to take life and take the Vax vs don’t take the Vax, get sick with the covid, then blame others for your mishap of getting the covid? I agree with all the media, “Let the unvaccinated die”.
      They chose their own destiny!

  • Now our government says no fly zone for drones over the southern border……….Why? More cover ups……….They would hate for the average American to witness the pesky facts………This is starting to feel like communist China……….


  • “If you are overweight, smoke, drink, bad diet, casual sex, no seat belts, speeding, spend time in the sun, any risky behavior as defined by the left, sorry, no health care for you.”

    This quote from Mr. Traxler’s column above has absolutely nothing to do with the topic at hand. We are talking about a worldwide pandemic killing millions of people by and through the spreading of this virus by close human to human contact. Those other things, with the exception of speeding, have no direct health effects on others.

    We now have an effective and safe vaccine to protect us from the horrible and most severe affects of this virus as well as keeping us from dying. This is fact, we all know this. People choosing not to get this life saving vaccine who then contract COVID-19, become ill enough to need medical assistance should NOT take up hospital ICU beds or other life saving equipment WHEN AND IF someone who did get the vaccine needs that ICU bed or life saving equipment. Period.

    I guess my solution is to always leave a certain number of these beds open and yes then refuse them to the unvaccinated when the situation warrants. It is harsh and hard to say or think but they are already making the choice of who to NOT care for by denying these beds to vaccinated people in need.

    I watched a news article on CBS, yes that horrible socialist, Marxist news outlet (in your words) where a marine veteran, 46 years young needed an ICU bed for acute pancreatitis. He only had hours to live but in Houston, or for that matter all of Texas, there were no ICU beds available because most were taken up by NON vaccinated patients with COVID. His doctor, desperate to find help turned to social media. A doctor in Missouri returned his cry for help having two beds available. They airlifted this man but on the way he passed away! Not from COVID but from not having the needed equipment to treat him. Yes he was vaccinated.

    This should NOT happen in this country, especially when we have the answer to prevent this.

    • Jon,

      So you think the vaccine is the safe answer………..ok……..

      The facts are on the CDC website. Over 14,000 reported deaths from the inoculation to date. Over 140,000 adverse reactions reported. CDC only reports 1% so do the math and you can see it is not safe. Also the CDC just changed the definition of a vaccine to fit the new narrative. It now says that vaccines only lessons the effects and no longer protects against getting the disease. So why get it ? What’s in it? No one knows because they don’t have to tell you. Where is the transparency? What are they hiding? Another thought, the new FDA authorization is for the new comirnaty vaccine , not being distributed yet. You can find this fact on the FDA document, so the BIONTECH EUA inoculation is still experimental and not approved. There is no supporting documents of any kind, no peer- reviewed studies that prove it is safe. There are plenty of doctors around the world screaming to stop vaccinating. Why is Israel gearing up for it’s 4th booster already?

      Just an opinion……


        • The CDC…… Sorry for the 1,787 mistake. OBTW with 1% reporting……

          The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed an increased number of deaths reported after a COVID-19 vaccination. Between December 14, 2020, through July 19, 2021, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) received 12,313 reports of death among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine.


    • Mr. Clausen,
      Texas has 798 hospitals and according to Texas media, dozens to “at least 92 were out of ICU beds”. The influx of an estimated 1.2 million “undocumented” or illegal immigrants who have entered the U.S. in the last 10 months with 10% testing positive for COVID-19 (thank you Mr. President) adds to the problem. Allowing the influx of a million people through the southern border with no requirement to be vaccinated and 10% COVID-19 positive may have something to do with it? I am sure CBS failed to mention this, oh, and I never called CBS a Marxist news outlet.
      Thank you for the comment.

      • Clausen, Mr. Traxler is an officer and gentleman, his writing is measured, researched, and solid opinions.

        Being the great citizen he is, I take great umbrage in you citing AB called CBS a Marxist organization. He never did to my knowledge, however, being the enlisted Non-Comm vet I was, I use coarse language and shoot from the hip. I, Sir, called all the alphabet news affiliates arms of the Democrat Party Marxists. That is also an accurate description of of all Democrats and Remocrats.

        So it is I, dear sir, that is the guilty party, not AB! Get your facts straight, but you are a Democrat, so truthfulness is not you usual practice.

  • Strange. Ivermectin is not approved for human use but shows potential. Last time I checked, and correct me if I am wrong ( I am sure you will), none of the covid vaccines have been approved either, especially for the long term effects but is OK because the “government” says it is just peachy keen. Sure seems a lot like a double standard to me. Carry on sheep.

    • JAOF,
      Pfizer’s COVID vaccine has been FDA approved for a while now. You are wrong when you claim none has been approved. Jon Wilkens,

      We know what’s in COVID vaccine. It is easily researched with a simple Google search. mRNA (messenger ribonucleic acid), lipids (fat), salt, and sugar. All natural. The information is not a secret.

      Wild claims and disinformation are one of the most damaging sources of so-called truths about COVID-19 vaccine. Those who spread those claims, or who willfully ignore it when they are corrected, are guilty of perpetrating lies and, ultimately, share the blame for harm caused by spreading untruth.

    • Congratulations, Just an old farmboy you have been personally attacked by the Couchman, it means you have arrived and his desire you should be denied medical care in the United States places you in a select group of folks who are not wonk and he disapproves of to the most extreme extent.

  • What’s the word used often on here when a precient statement or question is ignored? Ohh yeah “crickets” –that’s it. Appears you want to ignore the increasing reality of the need to ration care, and deny that difficult decisions are being made in order to appease petulance. Weird how the status and mechanics of how this democratic republic functions seems unimportant, especially when viewed with the events building currently at our nations capital. It seems your mission sir, is to distract and obfuscate from current events and possibly reality, an attempt at “controlling the narrative”, please, prove me wrong!

  • Army Bob rages about National Socialists. Perhaps it’s because he wants to save
    key strokes rather than using the historically accurate National-Socialist German
    Workers Party. The authoritarian party that was created in post WW1 on the Big Lie premise that Germany could have prevailed in WW1, but the Kaiser, weak military leaders and politicians ignored the troops in the trenches who wanted to continue to fight. Never mind the fact they were surrendering for food because they were literally starving to death.

    It was mostly rural support was made up of a lot of people who struggled during and after WW1. The large population centers of Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg and Munich were only 30% of the German voting population.

    Army Bob paints with a broad brush when he tacitly implies the German Social Democratic Party that had its start in the 1860s and survived the division and re-unification of Germany is interchangeable with The National-Socialist German Workers Party of Adolph Hitler and Josef Goebbels.

    Plainly said, The National-Socialist German Workers Party were authoritarian fascists led by Adolph Hitler who was able to come to power due and crush the Weimar Republic and German democracy. It’s well documented in the book “The Death of Democracy: Hitler’s Rise to Power and the Downfall of The Weimar Republic” by Benjamin Carter Hett (JD University of Toronto Law / History PhD Harvard). They never represented the Democratic Party of the United States, no matter how many times Army Bob wants to make that claim.

    Regarding “you just can’t make this stuff up”; Army Bob makes claims failing to supply any direct quotes to the people and publication he names. MSNBC supplies a transcript of Ms. Maddow’s shows. Where is the quote and the date of the broadcast? I suspect Army Bob got all his “research from “conservative” web sites like Freedom Wire and streaming channels FoxNews, OAN and “conservative talkers” on the radio.

    Jimmy Kimmel is a comedian and late night TV host, not an elected official. On his show on Sept. 8 (reported in The Daily Mail) in his monologue Kimmel said about people going to a hospital:
    “Vaccinated person having a heart attack? Yes, come right on in, we’ll take care of you. Unvaccinated guy who gobbled horse goo? Rest in peace, Wheezy.”

    His opinion. Not a policy. Sort of like FoxNews letting guests call the January 6 mob at the US Capital “tourists.” But no outrage from Army Bob on that one

    Howard Stern is a syndicated radio shock jock whose been outspoken on many topics for years. He’s never claimed to report the news or be a political columnist. It was reported on Yahoo News that Stern said on air during one Sirius Radio show Tuesday Sept 7, 2021:
    “When are we gonna stop putting up with the idiots in this country and say it’s mandatory to get vaccinated? F***’em. F*** their freedom. I want my freedom to live.”
    Nowhere did Howard Stern say unvaccinated people should just die. He’s very adamant they should be vaccinated.

    Rachel Maddow spoke about rationing health care that’s now happening in Red State Idaho. You remember the threat of health care rationing threat that VP Sarah Palin predicted would happen during her failed VP campaign. It’s happening in Idaho where 97% of the COVID patients in that state’s hospitals were unvaccinated and only 50.5% of the population 12 and over are vaccinated. Idaho (population 1.8M) has 678 hospitalized for COVID with 173 in ICU. Only 12 ICU beds were staffed and available.
    Now Idaho is asking people requiring hospitalization to travel to Eastern Washington where 70% of its population has had one dose and 61% are fully vaccinated.

    Idaho isn’t one of those Blue states. Idaho’s governor, US Senators, both US Congress members are Republicans and the GOP has a 4:1 GOP majority advantage in both houses of the state’s legislature. Yet that state is official rationing health care. You can’t make this stuff up.
    (Data from MSNBC, LATimes and USAFacts)

    I fully support one’s right to die. If Old Farm Boy wants to travel to Argentina, Bangladesh, Egypt or Peru to get treated in those countries with Ivermectin in their state of the art medical facilities, I hope he has a safe trip but I think he’ll be driving to Kalamazoo or Grand Rapids if he requires hospitalization because his Ivermectin treatments didn’t go as he hoped. There’s always hydroxycholoquinine that others were praising in April of 2020 but that miracle drug caused heart attacks and none of the doctors at Henry Ford Hospital would put their names on a study that was supposed to certify its effectiveness.

    I know I won’t get cancer being near from Army Bob but if he sneezes and launches COVID-19 or a variant my way I could get very ill. I can’t get diabetes or become overweight if I come into close contact with people with those conditions. If they ignore their doctor’s advice its their business. Makes no difference to me if Army Bob sees a qualified oncologist to treat the cancer he’s previously been diagnosed or he chooses to eat 10% of his weight in fresh fruit every day. His life and its his choice.

    But when your child or grandchild gets in a serious vehicle accident, your spouse has a cardiac event requiring treatment in an ICU unit or your name finally comes to the donor list for that new heart, kidney or liver, but there aren’t any ICU beds available or you are asked to travel 4,6 or more hours to find a facility to proceed with the life saving procedure all that FREEDOM blather vaporizes.

    No people I personally know and no public health officials are saying the unvaccinated should die, but as we are seeing in Idaho, the traditional rules of medical triage are being set aside when hospital bed populations become filled with people who refused to be vaccinated and now require extraordinary care that could have been avoided.

    Now Army Bob wants to pivot and blame immigrants. More blame shifting from the same guy who claimed old white guys are victims of discrimination.

    And so it goes.

    • Mr. Couchman,
      Interesting; you who advocate that Americans who do not believe in climate change ending the world in 2030 should not receiving lifesaving care for cancer, are doubling down on denying lifesaving care for COVID-19 for those who do not get vaccinated?
      So, Mr. Couchman is the end in 2030 or not? Or are you a science denier and anti-intellectual? You have been silent for months now, afraid to stand by your 100% settled science of the end of the world being an undeniable truth; and please, a straight answer, not 2000 words dredging up everything I ever said that you disagree with.
      Oh, three of the sources you say I use for research I never heard of and have never read? But who cares, you never lie, we all must believe you, Mr. Couchman. You may want to rethink using Couchman as an alias; it may be considered as sexist, Couchperson is more politically correct.

    • A direct quote from you “There’s always hydroxycholoquinine that others were praising in April of 2020 but that miracle drug caused heart attacks and none of the doctors at Henry Ford Hospital would put their names on a study that was supposed to certify its effectiveness.” Dr. Marcus Zervos and Dr. Samia Arshad for two have put their names and photos on the study. It appears you do make this stuff up.

    • More of your own words, to be kind, that are incorrect. “Army Bob paints with a broad brush when he tacitly implies the German Social Democratic Party that had its start in the 1860s and survived the division and re-unification of Germany is interchangeable with The National-Socialist German Workers Party of Adolph Hitler and Josef Goebbels.” Never said it, the difference between National Socialism and pure socialism is the acceptance of God and the approval of nationalism, hence the National Socialists. Please read any of Benito Mussolini’s books on fascism, it is merely socialism that allows churches and national pride, two things pure socialism strongly objects to. More making things up, more shooting from the lip.
      More of your words “I fully support one’s right to die.” No kidding you want to see folks who disagree with you die. Harsh? Most folks think so.
      One more point you make, “Now Army Bob wants to pivot and blame immigrants. More blame shifting from the same guy who claimed old white guys are victims of discrimination.” Over a million folks with a 10% COVID-19 positivity rate (The Wall Street Journal), most in Texas and Arizona, but many bused all over the nation, is “blame shifting?” So one cannot get COVID-19 from an undocumented alien? 100,000 COVID-19 positive people are only a problem if you are a racist? Perhaps in the woke world one cannot spread a deadly disease if they are an undocumented person? Just how does that work?
      Looking forward to your statement on the end of the world in 2030 being settled/undeniable science as the world has increased carbon emissions and will continue past 2030.

    • Well said couchman, I noticed AB fan club came to his defense AGAIN, and I don’t know we’re the hell he’s getting that 90% is socialist media , apparently the guys have never listen to AM hate radio just try to find a progressive channel on there. But basement dwellers probably don’t leave the house much. And I wonder how the country of Denmark beat the covid crisis, OH yeah they got 89% of the population vaccinated Dam those socialist. Skoal.

  • As much as I enjoy ruffling feathers of the left leaners on this format I feel we as a nation should be much more concerned with finding out the TRUTH of the origin of this virus, ALL of those responsible for this virus, whether in our nation or a foreign entity and making DANG sure that this nightmare scenario is NEVER repeated EVER. I also strongly feel that those found responsible should held accountable to the highest extent and punished accordingly. I do not believe this mess was a naturely occurring event and personally consider it a high crime against all humanity. So instead of all of this silly squabbling how about we exert our joint energies toward OUR representatives in places of power to get off their dead butts and for once in their lives do the job they were elected to do. It is way overdue.
    I hope this is something we can all agree on and unite in as concerned and disgusted citizens.

  • The author is obviously conflating “refusal-to-treat” for “pay for your own stupid mistakes”. Why take personal responsibility when you can blame Rachel Maddow?
    Fact: COVID-19 is a viral infection; so Ivermectin or any antibiotic should have no clinical effectiveness.

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