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WHS junior wins accolades for breaking up an assault

Wayland High School junior Ryan Arendsen recently was lauded “for being an outstanding example to his fellow students,” according to the Wayland Police Department, which presented him with an Operation CATS award.

“Without any hesitation Ryan stepped in and stopped a fight when he observed three students assaulting another student,” a police department spokesperson said.

The father of the victim said, “My most sincere appreciation, respect, gratitude and thanks to the courageous and compassionate young man, friend and fellow student who stepped into the middle of the assault to pull these animals off to prevent much more serious injury that was imminent with their concentrated attack. Had this one hero not intervened, I have no doubt my son would have left in an ambulance, as the other students present chose to watch this vicious assault and not intervene to stop it.
“Thanks to this hero, he will be OK physically and with time heal emotionally. He is home resting this afternoon and on advice of his physician has set his electronics aside as not to add to his neurological symptoms.
“For those of you who say go easy on them, that they are just kids, I don’t know what kind of kids they are, as my kids don’t act like pack animals preying on other kids. This was not something that just happened, it was pre-planned…
“I am very grateful for Assistant Principal Karri Bailey, Principal Tom Cutler, and Superintendent Christina Hinds, who immediately took and continue to provide supportive action and direct involvement…”
For a student to be awarded the Wayland Police Department’s Operation C.A.T.S Award they must show characteristics that embody what it means to be a good person which is something that lasts a lifetime. C.A.T.S stands for Courageous, Admirable, Trustworthy and Successful.

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  • Thank you for recognizing this extraordinary young man.
    What a wonderful example of courage and compassion. Congratulations Ryan, this is a well deserved award and recognition for doing the right thing.

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