The Muck Stars Here: About GOP fools and hypocrites, and the poor

by Barry Hastings

Larry HampThe political candidate who calls former General (and short-time CIA Director) David Petraeous a “wonderful man,” is nothing other than a shallow, ignorant person trying to look youthful, attract malcontents. Donald Trump is, of course, full of B.S. right up to his (heh, heh, heh) hairline.

And while I’m not much for FOX News views, I’d like to have seen their pretty, young reporter walk up to the podium during the debate and kick him where he used to live (when he was much younger).

Another wonderful Republican Presidential wannabee, Mike Hickabee, greeted supporters, telling them they were good, “church-going, gun-owning citizens.” It was damn near enough to make me sell my own guns. I dropped religion a long time ago (a skeptic by age 8, complete non-believer by 12).

The more I age (now 77), the firmer my belief religion is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on man and woman kind (Buddhism, alone, possibly excepted). Strip religion of man (and I do mean “Man”) introduced regulatory stuff (for want of any ‘nice’ words) in Bible, prayer books, liturgies, sermons, why, there ain’t really much there.

Kinda makes my thoughts run to a couple of politicians from the region, much closer to home.

These two, Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat, talked like the closest helpers to Jesus Christ. Himself! Real Christians, both of ’em (or so they always let on). Both hot for family church stuff (church, church Tea Parties, church socials, church schools, church, church, church). Where ever did they find the time? Very homophobic folks they seemed indeed, as well. They always appeared intent on turning us against one another, not bringing us together.

It’s a pretty lousy thing to do with the nation in real danger, from within and without. Of course, those Tea PaMuckrakerrtiers are part of the within. These two wanted to pass a law allowing only ministers, priests, ‘n ranting preachers to marry people. What’s the poor Justice of the Peace gonna do?

On what track were the Jamrat and the Courser running their race? (On the fast track, silly.) And now they’ve made the legislature we all knew was a laughing stock a national news joke for the whole world to see.

Take a look through the “Dead Sea Scrolls” to see how much the Bible’s compilers didn’t want you to see, and purposely left out so you wouldn’t. Of course you’re busy tweeting, but take some time out, look them up. Maybe start questioning yourself about why you keep tithing big $$$$ to the the world’s wealthiest cult, and others of similar composition and background.

It was thoughtful of Intelligent Design to cause a few concerned contemporaries to seal the material in cool, dry caves, thus avoiding destruction of the real past. There it survived for many, many, many, many centuries. It’s all available. You could probably get the books through the library system. Or ask Wikipedia, Google, those other web corners you waste so much time with. If you really want to know, I mean.

Here are a few more words on the Confederate Battle Flag. You know, the one trampled into the rural and urban mud of Virginia, Mississippi, Georgia, North & S. Carolina (yes, especially S. Carolina), Texas, among others, by victorious black and white Yankee soldiers “Marching Through Georgia,”and all the rest of them, at will.

They flattened everything within sight and reach. They could reach anything, any place, their great General U.S. Grant wanted them to reach, because they’d already reached moral & physical ascendancy. They smashed at will, and with cold fury. March on, General U.S. Grant. March on equality & liberty for all.

On another matter, altogether, and one of critical importance to what I call the “regular people” of the state and the nation. A report from the Associated Press, a week or so ago, demonstrates clearly the pain poor and working poor families, and individuals, are feeling as they open pay envelopes, is real,

This past spring, according to AP, “Wages and benefits for American workers grew at the slowest pace in 33 years.” The article went on to say the numbers are, “Stark evidence stronger hiring is not lifting paychecks for most Americans.” There’s also been, “A sharp dropoff in bonus and incentive pay for many workers.”

The figures our Labor Department uses to determine the state of your wallet, are lowest since 1982 (a couple of years before I left Michigan for New England because pay was so bad here). Salary and benefit packages for private sector workers made their weakest showing since the Feds began tracking such data in 1980. (“Cheer up,” the ‘man’ said, “Things could be worse.’ So, I cheered up, and sure enough, things did get worse.)

Well, now it seems the nation’s polluters are going to “feel the pain” of Presidential concerns about global warming, and well being of people here, and around the globe. Our (ignorant) U.S. Senate Majority Leader, Mitch (chin-free) McGonicle, McConnell (whatever), didn’t waste a day accusing him of trying to ruin Kentucky’s economy. These folks love building their economic strength on such poisonous items as bondage, tobacco, coal.

“When will they ever learn, when will they ever learn?” And when, pray tell, will the rest of us?

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