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Arsenic found at Yankee Springs mobile home park

Tests for drinking water supplied to the Yankee Springs Mobile Home Park in Yankee Springs Township have revealed arsenic above acceptable levels.

Officials with the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lake and Energy (EGLE) indicated the test samples were taken last July, but residents of the mobile home park in Barry County were not alerted to the problem until just recently. A spokesman for EGLE said two of three wells tested showed unacceptable levels.

The samples were taken during quarterly testing in July, but residents were just made aware of the results this week.

Making the situation even more difficult is that arsenic is odorless, colorless and tasteless. Arsenic is a poisonous substance and continued use and consumption could result in health problems

The quality standard is 10 parts per million and this is the first time these wells have shown elevated levels.

Mobile home park management, EGLE officials and Yankee Springs Township officials are working together on trying to resolve the issue.


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