Negotiations on possibility of area fire district continue

The City of Wayland, Wayland ToFire Dept.wnship and Yankee Springs Township held preliminary talks Thursday evening on the possibility of creating a fire district to include all three municipalities.

Yankee Springs Township and Supervisor Mark Englerth, whose daughters attend Wayland schools, have indicated an interest in discussing the idea and the feasibility of at least Wayland, Wayland Township and Yankee Springs Township joining forces. Yankee Springs now is served by Thornapple Township, but the arrangement is not satisfactory.

Former Watson Township Clerk Kathy Pardee, who attended the session, said the problem for Yankee Springs is that it has a new fire station that is underused on Payne Lake Road. Yankee Springs officials also indicate that creating a fire district improves chances of getting state and federal grants.

Wayland City and Wayland Township now are under one fire board with Joe Miller as chief and Dan Miller as deputy chief.

The Wayland City Council and Leighton Township Board two years ago decided to spend $3,000 in casino revenue to do a study on the feasibility of creating a fire authority to serve a wider group of municipalities.

The Wayland City Council has submitted a grant application to fund a new public safety building in the industrial park on Reno Drive in continuing efforts to establish a district. The city’s application is for a Competitive Grant Assistance Program (CGAP) to create a fire board and to fund the construction of a public safety facility that would house the city police and Michigan State Police. Meanwhile, the fire department would be given a lot more room at the site it now shares on West Superior Street with city police.

State police for a long time have been looking for a new home because their quarters at their more than 50-year-old site on North Main are cramped.

Proponents say the benefits could be economic and perhaps it could streamline services, but the negatives involve officials and their turf and the question of who’s in charge?


  • Mr. Young, I would be interested to know what information you used to craft your statement, “…the arrangement is not satisfactory.” Thank you. Mike Bremer

    • I have heard that Supervisor Mark Englerth and the Yankee Springs Twp. Board are not happy with the way things have been going with TTES and how the new fire station is being used. I did not “craft” the statement. I deduced it from several sources.

      • Yankee Springs Board members that I have communicated with assure me that they are very satisfied with the service they have been receiving. They hired Dr. Lynn Harvey to investigate our past and current arrangement and were assured by Dr. Harvey that they were getting great service for the amount they are paying. The Yankee Springs Board is simply exploring options as fiscally responsible elected officials.

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