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Allegan County has lost 13 to Covid in past 2 weeks

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The Allegan County Health Department today announced that 177 people in the county have died as a result of the Coronvirus since the pandemic began in March 2020.

That means the death toll has increased by nine from 168 on Monday, Sept. 27, and by 13 since Monday, Sept. 20.

The testing positivity rate for the disease is now 12.5%, up more than a half percent from the previous week. There have been 14 new hospitalizations over the past two weeks and the average daily number of cases has moved up to 47.1 over seven days, the highest it has been since early May.

Wayland Union Schools Superintendent Dr. Christina Hinds last week at a school board work session that Wayland has the highest number of Covid cases among school districts in the county and vaccination rates are low.

A total of 651 cases has been reported in the county over the past two weeks, up from 516 a week ago. There now have been 307 hospitalizations from Covid in Allegan County since the pandemic began, an increase over 292 reported on Sept. 27. The number of tests is 14,646 and 12,050 people have been characterized as recovered.

The Allegan County Health Department Aug. 18 issued a directive for all public schools in the county to mandate children in grades K-6 to wear masks in the classrooms because they are not eligible for vaccinations. In the wake of protests from parents and the threat of withholding funding by the State Legislature, the Health Department rescinded its mask order Oct. 1.


  • Do any of the deniers want more data? Do you require photographic evidence, do you want biological samples to test for yourselves? Can we take this messenger and the county officials at their word that this is a true concern. I know for a fact first hand that denial is a major hurdle with serious disease initially. It seems that the phenomenon plays out to a degree with society as well. It seems reasonable to have a degree of skepticism to some of the data and methods of prevention, but at some point you have to ask yourselves if you are in denial as to the level of risk you take for others. I can share first hand experience, one parent was hospitalized with it last winter, critical for a while and survived thankfully. Past week other parent now has it, was vaccinated twice. It seems each of us could at least attempt to practice what is advised as often and as thoroughly as is practical. It seems that lives are likely at stake, although some seem to express that some lives are worthless. Perhaps I just misunderstand the rhetoric.

  • There has been many reports of covid death’s that has nothing to do with covid. A few weeks ago the TV program Full Measure (check it out) did a report on deaths reported as covid. Last year a murder/suicide showed up on a state registery in Colorado as covid, the only coralation was these people tested positive within the last 28 days. They did not die of covid! This is only one of many cases of such that have not made the main stream media, imagine that! Earlier today I read an article on the Tatum report (you can check it out as well) that the doctor that was instrumental in developing the base of the covid vaccines cautioned on how the vaccine was being used and was being shunned by the New England medical journal because of it. I will not deny covid is real as well as deadly, to those with preexisting conditions or weak immune systems. If you or yours is concerned by all means stay home. That is your privilege. My opinion is this thing is being blown out of proportion for some crazy reason which I do not understand but due to the present political environment I am having a real difficult time buying into drinking the Kool-Aid at this time. Oh, and by the way, last time I checked it is still a FREE country and it is still MY choice. Sorry if this offends you but that is how it is folks.

  • You get to determine what is acceptable for your self, not everyone. No individual is the final determination of truth, or how it is folks. I question the motivation of the sources you reference in your determinations. It is possible a greater virus of our own creation attacks society from questionably curated media. This is a bit long unfortunately, but an example plays out of how words have lost specific meaning. All sorts of words can now be loaded triggers for any specific group, specifically when they have cultivated amongst media bubbles. It clouds judgement, the ability to see reality, and discuss it reasonably. I believe the rapid change of information forms has made it difficult to glean a palatable harvest. Seems even more difficult to separate the wheat from the Chaff, Old Boy.

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