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State advises against cider buying from Bowens Mills

The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has ordered Historic Bowens Mills to stop selling its cider from its unlicensed cider processing facility in Yankee Springs Township.

The state agency has expressed concerns about the safety of the product because it hasn’t been properly inspected by health officials.

The state agency has based its order on the following:
• Cider labeled as pasteurized when Bowens Mills had no ability to pasteurize their product.
• Open doors, windows and holes in walls that would give pests access to inside.
• Non-food grade transfer pipes and fittings for their cider operation.
• No hand washing station in the processing area.

The advisory applies to all cider products manufactured and sold by Bowens Mills, including one gallon and half-gallon plastic jugs that are labeled as pasteurized and unpasteurized. Consumers also are advised to dispose of the cider.

The business, owned and operated by Owen and Carleen Sabin for many years has been a tourist attraction and site for events such as reunions and weddings. The Sabins have manufactured and sold their cider in an old-fashioned manner every fall for decades,

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