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Allegan County now has 180 Covid deaths since 2020

Three more deaths related to the Coronavirus were reported over the past week by the Allegan County Health Department.

The total number of fatalities attributed to Covid since the pandemic began in March 2020 now stands at 180. Seventeen deaths have been reported in just the last three weeks, since Sept. 20.

The testing positivity rate for the disease is now 14.79 percent, up from 12.5% from the previous week. There have been 20 new hospitalizations over the past two weeks and the average daily number of cases has decreased slightly to 44.7, down from 47.1 over seven days.

A total of 712 cases has been reported in the county over the past two weeks, again an increase. There now have been 316 hospitalizations from Covid in Allegan County since the pandemic began, an increase over 307 reported on Sept. 27. The number of tests is 18,026 and 12,262 people have been characterized as recovered.

The Allegan County Health Department Aug. 18 issued a directive for all public schools in the county to mandate children in grades K-6 to wear masks in the classrooms because they are not eligible for vaccinations. In the wake of protests from parents and the threat of withholding funding by the State Legislature, the Health Department rescinded its mask order Oct. 1.


  • I remember President Joe Biden promising voters he would end Covid, whereas Trump was incompetent to handle the pandemic. And he said there would be no vaccine within 4-5 years! Yet, he rolled up his sleeve for the Trump vaccine, as well as Kamala. Funny how quickly they forgot it was Trump inspired and pushed to get it to market.

    Old Joe promised if he were elected, he would get the pandemic under control. As of last week, deaths due to Covid under Biden administration surpassed Trump’s. So now Joe has problems everywhere.

    Covid deaths mounting; inflation going up, up; the disastrous Afganistan pullout leaving Americans behind; fuel prices doubling; people staying home instead of working; civil unrest; Democrats in disarray; Build Back Better BS bill in trouble; approval polls plummeting Mr. Biden is in trouble and his supporters know they voted for a physical wreck and mental midget (he was never the sharpest knife in the drawer), but he wasn’t Trump.

    Damn right he wasn’t, he actually said what he would do and did it, mean tweets and all. And the country was employed, we were the number one energy producer, low fuel prices, low inflation, anyone wanting a job had one.

    Why did he win in 2016? Because he wasn’t a politician bullshitter speaking Washington Swamp speech. He spoke to the people, not the networks or political wonks. He spoke in plain English everyone understood.

    He was fighting all the media, Democrats and Depublicans every day. Then with Russia, Russia, Russia (a huge lie perpetrated by Hillary Clinton), and Covid hitting spread by the Communist Chinese, and changes in voting in all states because of Covid, making cheating easy. Whether you believe it happened or not, there were anomalies and roadblocks were erected to block finding the truth. Sure looks like a steal to many.

  • If only we had the one person back in power, everything would be great again. Things were so fantastic during the last administration, so obviously wonderful and correct. Now it is all terrible, could have been perfection. Forgive my sarcasm and disgust with old boy’s oversimplification that everything hinges on one national political leader. It is one example of our decline into ignorance.

    • Tony,

      Would you give us a few examples of the accomplishments that President Biden has done in his 264 days in office?



  • Mr. Baloney,
    Your president wanted to try a Socialist/Marxist agenda and to hell with the hard working people that make the country work. President Trump had us working again, making us energy independent, and getting us out of ridiculous agreements and accords which do nothing to solve problems but puts us at a disadvantage.

    Each president sets an agenda. Trump’s was for America. Biden’s for everybody else but America.

    You are correct, we are declining into ignorance. Happens every time Democrats take positions as mayor’s, governors, congress people, and presidents after being elected.

  • You are despicable by using the suffering your orange idiot pushed on our most vulnerable to make up supposed victories when he was in many ways the biggest failure as both a businessman and leader this country has ever seen, bigly!
    This attempt to rewrite history is pathetic like the orange moron’s real legacy will be. This story is not about Trump, it’s about the people who are dying because of widespread stupidity and his, so if you are unable to help… just have the class to get out of the way of someone who is.

  • Yall are so programmed you assume I must be a supporter of Biden, if I don’t support your master. They are both washed up old men with feeble minds, unable to grasp the reality of the state of the world around them. Forgive me, but I fear many of you share the same shortcomings. What I do know, is that someone who espouses to have everything figured out rarely does. If you blame politicians for all the problems of society, you in turn expect them to be responsible. You have shifted your responsibility, and given them your power. It is likely rational thought only exists outside of the two party paradigm at this moment. If all we do is squabble amongst each other, they have us divided, ready to conquer. What really gets me is that people actually buy the BS that Trump cares about the common man, when he is obviously just a con man. A phenomenon exists where some people who are taken advantage of in commerce can never admit that they were dupped, it seems it is also present in politics. Maybe I’m wrong and the foul mouthed bully is everyone’s savior.

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