City plans to offer citizens master plan survey on line

The City of Wayland will affix a master plan survey to its Internet web site and Facebook page in an effort to get a lot of public input in a quick and efficient manner.

Zoning Administrator Lori Castello told members of the Wayland City Planning Commission Tuesday night that municipalities periodically have to update their master plans with maps and text in order to keep up with changing trends in the community.

“This will become the guiding document for all things planning and zoning in the city,” she said.

A Steering Committee already has been formed, and it includes Wayland Union Schools Supt. Dr. Christina Hinds in an effort to better involve youth on what they’d like to see in Wayland’s future.

Under consideration will be all things planning and zoning for industrial, commercial, residential and recreational land use.

A trial run on community input already has been completed and it included a lot of interest in affordable housing, trails and parks and even a dog park.

City Manager Josh Eggleston said city officials hope to have survey results tabulated by spring.

Eggleston said he asked Castello to walk the commission through the process Tuesday evening in a preliminary way because the city body now includes new members appointed only within the last several years.

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