Addresses, landmarks on Reno Drive are confusing

To the editor:
For several years I have been frustrated with your articles about city land and business purchases along Reno and 133rd Avenue.  My frustration?  The street addresses do not line up with landmarks.  This has occurred many times.
Re: Planning Commission approval for multi-residential zoning for land owned by the city south of the high school athletic complexes at 1065 133rd Ave.
1.  Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe the land directly south of the high school campus is school property.  Prior to moving sixth grades to the middle school, WUS proposed building a new elementary school on that land.
2.  Next land west I assume is city property.  It contains a water tower and city maintenance.  This is the 900 block of 133rd Avenue.
3.  Going west across 10th Street (Main Street) the street numbers become four digits – 1000 plus.  1065 is a corner parcel at 133rd and Reno, going around several buildings already.
4.  That parcel is in the city’s industrial plat; I cannot believe they would consider putting residential zoning there.  The city maintenance land on the east side of 10th Street seems more logical.
Tom Andrews, Wayland

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