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Is the Covid-19 virus really receding in these parts?

Wayland City Manager Josh Eggleston attended Monday night’s City Council meeting remotely because he has been diagnosed with Covid-19.

Councilman Joe Kramer Monday night cautioned his colleagues that despite recent reports that the viral pandemic is receding, he is seeing more cases locally of late.

“Josh is the 23rd person I’ve heard about in just the last two weeks,” he said.

Wayland Union Schools had mask mandates ordered for students in grades K-6 because those children are unable to be vaccinated. However, the State Legislature, backed the Allegan County Board of Commissioners, forced the Allegan County Health Department to rescind its order Oct. 1 or lose funding.

A total of 134 Wayland Union students have been identified as having the virus since the academic year began two months ago.

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