Army Bob: Hillary openly violated the law on issue of e-mails

Army Bob SalutesWhat is the big deal about former Sectary of State Hillary Clinton having a few Top Secret, Special Intelligence, no Foreign Dissemination documents on her personal server? Who cares “what difference at this point does it make?”

Well at this time or at any time it makes a big difference; the United States is a Republic, meaning a nation led by elected officials and governed by law. The entire concept of a republic is adherence to the law; we give special reverence to the courts and the Supreme Court because we are a republic. Mrs. Clinton openly and knowingly violated the law; reports that she was warned not to violate the Secrets Act by the White House staff a number of times are troubling. Even after direct warnings she continued to operate as she wished, and openly violated the law.

Having worked in a classified environment I can attest that the laws are a major pain in the fourth point of contact (rear end) and make things more difficult. However, we have laws for a reason and that reason is to safeguard our national interests and the people we have deployed around the world protecting us. The people in the military and in the Department of State are shielded from harm by our laws covering classified documents.

Bob Traxler_0Anyone familiar with the security of our nation’s leaders knows that their day-to-day calendar is classified because a general knowledge of protected official movements will give potential assassins a helping hand. A large advertised or promoted event will be covered by a large security force; however day-to-day operations unknown to the general public can be handled by a smaller amount of security. Mrs. Clinton confessed to violating the law months ago when she said her day-to-day personal appointments like the hair dresser, Chelsea’s wedding plans or her yoga classes were on her unclassified server.

Mrs. Clinton confessed to violating the law after she confessed we were simply debating the extent of the violation. Reports of a number of Top Secret compartmentalized documents being found in her non-government e-mail account even after she was told not to do that are very troubling, and it is indeed a felony.

One of the items President Clinton and Co-president Hillary Clinton said they would change when Bill was elected President was the classification rules for military documents; they maintained the rules were too strict. An example they used was the amount of toilet paper an Air Force Base in Italy used being a classified document, how dumb is that? Well, it is not dumb at all, the base was a strategic base with stealth aircraft the amount of toilet paper would tell a foreign intelligence officer the number of personnel on the base and from that the number of stealth aircraft a very valuable bit of intelligence could be gained.

Of the three Democrats currently running for president, Mrs. Clinton would be the best president in my eyes; she is a capitalist in love with making money and has informally through surrogates told the Wall Street money crowd she would support the free enterprise capitalist system. I do not like her and would never vote for her; my disdain dates to the 1960/1970s and her role in the anti-war and anti-police movements. She defended cop killers and other folks who were despicable in my eyes. We were on direct opposite sides of the social movement in our youths.

A question to ask is, where are our friends in the national media covering classified gate? If the person with classified documents on a private server at home were former Vice President Dick Cheney, would the media be absent without leave? A reasonable and prudent person would think the media would conduct a jihad, take the gloves off and attacking with every weapon in the media arsenal.

The national media, directed by the Washington Post and New York Times, is being careful to report the story, but not too thoroughly or comprehensively. Mrs. Clinton is the establishment’s choice, the Democrats and media establishment’s choice.

Classified Gate will pass away; no one in the Department of Justice (DOJ) will dare cross swords with Mrs. Clinton for fear of repercussions if she becomes president. The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) cannot open an in-depth investigation without DOJ authorization, so this case will be swept under a very lumpy rug and not be actively pursued legally or administratively.

Every American should be concerned with the future of our republic; we are a nation of laws, not a monarchy with the elite being above the law. The media is given special privileges under our constitution to be the watch dogs of the republic system of government; it is sad that the national media has become not a watch dog of the national government, but the Democrats’ lap dogs. The national mainstream media desperately wants to remain members of the royal court.

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