Students mark ‘Day of the Dead’ at Middle School

Wayland Middle School Spanish teacher Mrs. Jen Warsen celebrated the “Day of the Dead” Tuesday, Nov. 2, with her students. The annual Mexican celebration, Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead), is a time when families gather to honor and remember deceased loved ones. Students brought in authentic Mexican food and made traditional mini-altars.


  • Oh David, it’s all right for you to insult the Mexican culture, which I have family members and friends are part of. You keep playing the good Christian you clam to be, and I consider myself to be pretty good looking too.

    • Gar, First…this is America not Mexico, please forgive my primitive and dated patriotism. I rather enjoy American culture, not the culture of a country from which people flee.
      More importantly, I have never read in the Bible that one should make an alter and or pray for dead people. Lastly, this has no place in an American school. Have a good night you big bad boy.

  • Why dont You two become pen pals some place else and give the kids credit for having a play. If you don’t like the production, don’t go see it.

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