Army Bob: People on the left misidentify opponents

by Robert M. Traxler

If you’re a Republican you are a white supremacist, a white nationalist, a bigot, racist, sexist, homophobe, Islamophobe, anti… fill in the blank, so and so probably even a Ku Klux Klan (KKK) member. And the socialist/progressive/liberal folks call us judgmental? Folks, you can’t make this stuff up.

Those on the left are open accepting, loving, caring of all and minorities and women, more than others, correct? Not so fast, only as long as you are one of the people the socialist movement approves of. Ms. Winsome Sears, the Lieutenant Governor-Elect of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and Jason Miayares, the Attorney General-Elect, a Hispanic, are according to many in the left-wing community… wait for it… white supremacists and white nationalists, even though they are of African and Cuban descent, second generation Americans, the children of immigrants.

Just how that works the left never explains, they just shoot from the lip and call everyone who disagrees with them vile names, with no questions asked, such as what foundation or proof they might have for those vile, hurtful charges. None needed, it is true, just ask them. Damn, this is getting old.

The folks in the last summer of love who burned, looted and robbed cities were protesters expressing their First Amendment rights, brutalized by the fascist black shirts in the police. The fact that more police officers were treated in hospitals than “peaceful protesters” was ignored by most of the media.

The iconic shot of the CNN (or was he from MSNBC?) reporter standing in front of burning vehicles, with burning waste and debris strewn about, stating that the protesters were mostly peaceful, is actually believed by the socialists and progressive folks. Facts be damned, they believe what they hear, and more importantly, what they wish to be true, and not their lying eyes.

The protesters destroyed statutes of Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King and Ulysses S. Grant, even Fredric Douglass and the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, because they were (no surprise) all racists.

Most of this has nothing to do with racism or historical truth seen through the prism of today, but everything to do with the need to remove our history in order to destroy the nation and our Constitution and replace it with a socialist doctrine. To be successful the left must destroy the Constitution, and most especially the Bill of Rights, that limits (in their eyes) the sacred power of the all-powerful central government and the inevitable dictatorship that always rears its ugly head in a socialist power grab.

Larry Elder, a candidate for governor in the failed recall election for Governor of California, was called a white nationalist and a white supremacist. Just how that works when he is an African American is anyone’s guess, but you must believe it, or you are a racist, white nationalist, white supremacist, common sense be damned. To many of the good people in the progressive/socialist movement, just how can you accept this truly dumbass argument?

African Americans are the group with the lowest COVID-19 vaccination rate; why is it the new law that you must be vaccinated to work in any business with 100 or more employees not racist? If pregnant women are also a group with a low vaccine rate, why is the requirement not sexist?

It is because the requirement is politically correct; if President Trump were president now, many of the progressive/socialist left would be fighting the law. Please remember, as candidates President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris questioned the safety of the vaccine; both ultimately received it, but only after the polls showed that was a vote-losing position.

The socialist/progressive party is for minorities being represented in elected office, but only the correct minorities: those who are in the leftist politically correct camp. The others do not qualify; as United States House of Representatives member from New York Maxine Waters famously stated, being black has nothing to do with skin color but is determined by where you stand on the issues.

My opinion.

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