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Wayland police chief says threats seem just rumors

Police Chief Mark Garnsey

City of Wayland Police Chief Mark Garnsey today announced that investigations of recent threats at Wayland Middle School thus far have been only “rumors or poorly made statements.”

The chief made his remarks in the wake of Wayland Middle Scholl switching Friday to all on-line learning because of worries of a copycat shooting of what occurred at Oxfords Schools last Monday.

 In reference to the terroristic acts and murders that occurred in Oxford, we wish to state the following:

Garnsey wrote this morning:

“Please advise your students and your children to not make ill thought of statements in jest. This is not funny and it is not a laughing matter.”

The chief said that under the Michigan Penal Code, making terrorist threats or false reports of terrorism is a felony punishable by 20 years in prison or a fine of $20,000 or both.

“We urge you to not let what you believe to be a five-second joke change the course of history for your life. Obviously if anyone hears anything they should report it to their teacher, school official or law enforcement. If false statements or poorly made jokes are made to get attention, trust that those making them will get our attention.

“Other statutes allow courts to order offenders to pay restitution costs to law enforcement for resources expended. If the individual is a juvenile, the court can order the parents to pay the costs.

“Wasting police resources is a loss of tax dollars and costs everyone. Wayland Police will aggressively pursue any court-ordered reimbursements in order to replace the funds the WPD expended so that our police department and the taxpayers who fund it are not financially responsible for these crimes.”

Garnsey stressed that anyone who has vital information is urged to come forward to report it. Reports made in good faith are welcomed and may help prevent tragedies and/or get individuals the help they need.

To report any suspicious activity, call 911 or Allegan County non-emergency (269) 673-3899.

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