Army Bob: It’s time to show Dr. Anthony Fauci the door

I suggest we replace Dr. Anthony Fauci with a brutally frank, totally truthful medical professional.

When will the COVID-19 emergency end? We have been promised by Dr. Fauci several times in the last two years that the end is near. Two weeks to bend the curve, one month total, as soon as we gain herd immunity, as soon as the weather changes, when the vaccination rate reaches a moving percentage target, we can get back to normal, only to see him change the facts as politically correct, not medically correct. 

Dr. Fauci knowingly lied when he told us at the beginning of the pandemic masks did more damage than good and not to use them. Fact check that statement and you will see the apologists for the good doctor say he did it to ensure we had masks for health care workers. OK, why is that not a lie?

Wrapping a cloth around your face or using a homemade mask keeps health care workers from using medical grade N-95 masks how? The apologists go on to say that he did not know how the virus was spread; he did not how it was spread? The COVID-19 virus had been raging in the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) for months, and the CDC had people on site studying it. Also, the CDC used your tax dollars to fund research into viruses at the PRC Institute of Virology lab in Wuhan for more than a year!

If COVID-19, a respiratory virus, was not spread through respiration, it would be the first respiratory virus in history not to be spread person to person. Dr. Fauci said that it was not, then it was, causing a large amount of pain and death to the most vulnerable among us. Not to worry, just blindly follow his lead, no questions allowed. Ask a question and you are a science denier; if you question his actions, in his own words, you question science, not him, leading us to believe he is science. The arrogance of the man has caused thousands of people to get sick and die. 

Studying respiratory pandemics throughout history to see how they were handled and ended, revealed two basic components were present: masks and ventilation. The Spanish flu, the Black Death, the Sweating Sickness, and more masking up was used and helped; certainly not anywhere near 100% protection, but always some limited protection. 

Dr. Fauci told us that an outdoor political rally for President Trump was a super spreader event, but a Black Lives Matter protest with a like number of people was not? Science? Do not wear a mask, then always wear one, then two are better. In a socialist state we are not allowed to question our government. 

Army Bob Traxler

President Joe Biden told us while campaigning that any president who had 220,000 Americans die on his watch was not qualified to be our president and should resign. Biden’s term as President has seen more than 250,000 die so far, one of the facts that the media has downplayed as COVID-19 has become a political issue; the left-wing socialist media is remaining mute about the numbers as they are not currently politically useful. 

Quite frankly, I break with my friends on the conservative side of the COVID-19 issue; I am fully vaccinated but wear a mask with a charcoal filter insert when inside in public, regardless of the government/store/facility policy. Being assigned to Korea for three years gave me a deep respect for the Korean people, who mask up during the normal flu season out of “respect for others.” No government mandate, no mask police, no requirement by stores or facilities, but out of basic human concern for others.

Perhaps if we had handled the masking policy differently from the beginning, we would be masking up because it is the right thing to do. Perhaps if we were not told if we get vaccinated we do not need to mask up any more, from the start, things would be different.

Let’s put politics aside and look at the CDC for its ham-handed policies under two administrations from two parties, who were and are incompetent. It is time to replace Dr. Fauci and place a medical professional in charge, and not a narcissistic politician and media celebrity who tells us what is politically correct at the time but knowingly not medically correct.

My opinion.  


  • Perhaps if the whole pandemic had been handled more seriously. Not the President of the USA calling Covid a HOAX that would disappear in one month. Perhaps if the President of the USA wore a mask in public and on TV. Perhaps if Dr. Fauci had not meet with resistance from the White House every time he spoke. My wife and I are fully vaccinated with boosters. I wear a mask in closed settings.
    AB you have Merry Christmas and a happy new year

    • Mr. Longstreet,
      And a Merry Christmas to your and yours.
      The Washington Post, gave President Trump saying COVID-19 was
      a hoax 4 Pinocchio’s, Snoops, CNN, AP News, Check your facts, AP News, and more said it never happened. President Biden keeps repeating the false report, so most folks think it is true, it is not. Agree that President Trump should have masked up from the start, also Dr. Fauci did not meet with resistance every time he spoke, a few times yes every time no. Keep in mind the good Doctor has had more than 400 media events as of June 15th according to Forbes, when does he have time to doctor or study?

  • I watched the former President call Covid 19 a HOAX on national tv. His next words were that it will just disappear in less than a month. I do not need to have the Washington Post tell me what I did not see or hear.

    • Thank you, Dennis, but like I said before, it’s really not worth commenting with people who are living on earth two. Meanwhile, on earth one, we have to do our best to recognize people who are struggling with a mental health issue. Because we can’t let their insanity ruin this country…. Skoal!

  • On Feb. 28, 2020, at a rally in Iowa, Mr. Trump called the coronavirus the “Democrats’ new hoax.” If Snopes, AP, the Post, etc., want to say he did not call it a hoax, they are splitting hairs.
    In September 2020, the Trump administration ordered hospitals to stop reporting coronavirus data to the CDC and instead send it to a White House clearing house.
    The White House also limited what Dr. Fauci was allowed to say in public and eventually no longer allowed him to speak at the White House’s so-called “Coronavirus Press Briefings.”
    Seems to me there is a lot of purposeful misinformation out there.
    My opinion.

  • Sounds like Army Bob needs to check his facts, not me. How can the new President keep repeating a false claim that is true? I also watched the White House briefings in which Mr. Pillow guy got to say more than Dr. Fauci did.

    • “Fact check: Biden ad misleadingly suggests Trump called Covid-19 a ‘hoax'” CNN fact check 17 September. Also The Washington Post and AP say it is false, SNOOPS the gold standard for anti-Trump bias states it is false, what more do you need to admit it is false?

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