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Dorr Twp. farmer doesn’t appreciate snowmobiles tearing up wheat fields

Richard Snyder of Dorr Township has a bone to pick with an unknown group of snowmobilers who recreationally tore up his wheat fields recently. He posted on Facebook: “Nice job, snowmobile riders. I put signs out in my field, explaining that I have wheat planted there and why I don’t want you guys tearing it up. Now I can see why nobody else wants you trespassing on their property, either. Nice job, guys, keep spoiling it for others who do have some respect.”


  • It is too bad that some snowmobilers have no respect for others property. We too have had a field torn up and landscaping destroyed. I have also seen people riding snowmobiles on the sidewalks of Dorr this week. Have some respect please.

  • I’m guessing that some folk don’t understand the planting of winter wheat. When I didn’t know a damn thing about farming I thought winter wheat was one of those jokes played on city rubes like me. But it’s not. It’s one of those crops planted late in the season so as to be first to germinate in the spring. Lying under that snow is one of the ways the seeds are watered in the spring melt. If I’m wrong in any of that, someone please feel free to correct me.
    Whether the snowmobilers know about winter wheat our not, they should not be riding on posted property anyway.

  • Hang a loose steel cable about 12 or 18 inches off the ground where the troublemakers are and let that get wrapped up in their tracks and skies (along with your signs). That could prove a useful deterrent…not that you should need to do either.

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