Wayland School Board trustee resigns after 1 year

Wayland Union Schools Board Trustee Jason Shane has resigned from his position to accept an out-of-state job opportunity.

Jason Shane

Shane, who served for a little more than a year on the job after being elected in November 2020, has been a Wayland resident since 2009. As he was making his exit, he recommended to board colleagues Monday night that he be succeeded by former Board President Cinnamon Mellema.

“If she’d be willing to slide into this position, she’d be an excellent choice,” Shane said of Mellema, who was not re-elected to a board seat in the last election.

Board President Dan Cassini said, “It has been a privilege getting to know Jason, even for this abbreviated time. He’s already made a positive impact on this board and district and he’ll be missed. I know this is a fantastic opportunity for both him and his family and I certainly wish them all the very best!”  

Superintendent Dr. Christina Hinds shared, “Mr. Shane’s dedication to the school district and community as a whole has been appreciated. Mr. Shane and his family will be missed, yet will always be part of the Wildcat community!”

Shane said to Hinds, “You’ve taught me a lot this past year,” adding to fellow board members, “I have enjoyed working with this group.”

Anyone who interested in seeking the Board of Education Trustee vacancy is encouraged to submit a one-page letter of interest to Board of Education Secretary Janel Hott at no later than 11:59 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 20.

The vacant seat will be filled by appointment and the candidate selected will serve at least until the November 2022 election, at which time the winner will hold the seat for another two years.

The four-year terms of three incumbent board members, Pete Zondervan, Toni Ordway and Janel Hott, will expire at the end of this year.  


  • The voters in the WUS District spoke at the polls when they chose to not re-elect Mrs Mellema. She did a fine job but we can’t ignore the fact the voters said NO to re-electing her. Bringing her on would be a slap in the face to voters and that wouldn’t sit well when the school comes back soon to ask the same voters for a pool millage.

    • Your comment and anonymity are concerning, so I thought I would address this using my own name. Our community has had to deal with outsiders coming to our district to disrupt and antagonize, so having the integrity to stand behind my comments is important. You are right in saying the people spoke at the polls. As a matter of fact, 3,762 people spoke and said they wanted me to be on the Board of Education. (I only had 118 votes less than Jason Shane.) If I apply for the Board and were to be chosen, it would hardly be a slap in the face to anyone. I cared enough about our community to serve on the Board, and did so as President, elected unanimously by my fellow trustees. I also cared enough to run for a second term. By your own argument, it could be considered a slap in the face to the over 3,000 voters to not to appoint me if I apply.

  • I could be off on this but I thought Cinnamon was barely out voted for those running for the school board? Given the opening, it would appear she would be next up. Of course it makes sense to evaluate all options and I trust The right decision will be made. It’s a short term.

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