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Wayland High School to move to all-virtual classes

Because of an increase in COVID-19 positivity, Wayland Union High School will go to all-virtual instruction Thursday and Friday this week.

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Supt. Dr. Christina Hinds said, “We have a high number of students and staff who are not feeling well and unable to attend school.”

All student activities and athletic events, however, will be held as scheduled. There is no school for students on Monday, Jan. 17, due to a previously scheduled professional development day.

Parent-Teacher Conferences will remain as scheduled.

We will return to in-person learning on Tuesday, Jan. 18. All other buildings will continue in-person instruction, following the established Wayland Union Schools calendar.

“We understand the inconvenience and disappointment this causes our high school families and staff,” Hinds added. “While we are disappointed that we must close our building, we are committed to making our remote learning program successful. Students should expect to follow a normal ‘bell schedule’ with hourly instruction with their teachers and peers.”

Unique Circumstances:

  • If you are without internet access, your student may be able to work in the Media Center.  
  • Transportation will be available for students who need internet access. Transportation will also be available for ACATEC students following the typical schedule (ride to HS, take scheduled ACATEC bus to ACATEC).
  • If your child has an Individualized Education Plan, your special education teacher will be contacting your student(s) about programming during these two days of remote instruction. 
  • ACATEC students are able to attend their program and busing will be available. Students will be able to remain at the High School during their non-ACATEC hours – report to the high school Media Center.
  • If your child would benefit from talking with a counselor or social worker about this transition, please contact the high school office at (269) 792-2254. 
  • Food Service will be available for those students, without internet access, who report to school.
  • The high school office will remain open during remote learning. Please do not hesitate to contact the high school office with additional questions at (269) 792-2254. 
  • Students and parents, please monitor your email for additional updates from high school administrators and/or teachers. 

In a letter to parents, Hinds said, “We know you are eager to find ways to protect your children and family from COVID-19. Please talk to your children about frequent hand washing, covering coughs and sneezes, avoiding touching  your eyes, nose, and mouth, wearing a face covering in public, and cleaning frequently-touched surfaces at home. Most importantly, keep your children home and stay at home yourself, if you are sick.”


  • Supt. Dr. Christina Hinds said, “We have a high number of students and staff who are not feeling well and unable to attend school.”
    All student activities and athletic events, however, will be held as scheduled.

    Hmmmmmm, too sick to attend school however suddenly well enough to attend sports…….Help me understand this nonsense……….Reminds me of our Governor, you may go to Home Depot but you may not buy paint…….


    • Mr Wilkens
      Step back and reflect for a moment. If sports are placed above academic studies, the general populous is very content.
      One way to control any nation is to degrade its educational system. Just provide enough education to produce ignorant peoples.
      It is much easier for government to have the people sitting in front of a TV watching sports than writing letters to their representatives and senators about upcoming legislation that will affect their livelihood.
      Remember that old saying. “Dumbing down America”
      It’s happening a little more each day.

  • It could be enough of the teachers who guide the learnin’ are sick and unable. While at the same time enough of the sporting authorities are not sick and are able. It can be tough to hold two seemingly opposing concepts in ones mind at the same time, but it is possible.
    It is unfortunate the inflamed ignorant were not able to grasp the prevention measures in the spring of 2020, we may have been done with this mess by now. Could have saved countless lives, but we seem to prioritize knee jerk emotional reactions and ignorant mythology over reason and compromise. Could be the greatest lesson of all.
    Essentially Mr. Wilkens, one is never to old to grasp new concepts, but they may be too angry to learn.

    • TB,

      I hate to hold your lack of education against you , however please read over the quotes then get back with me. Superintendents words:

      “We have a high number of students and staff who are not feeling well and unable to attend school.”

      She indicates not just staff but students as well. Additionally not low numbers but high numbers………….What part of her words are you having a hard time comprehending?…………Ignorant…


      • John,
        I believe my understanding of the phrasing of the explanation of the situation is sufficient and straightforward. What I am failing to comprehend is how your political bend has seemingly overshadowed the capacity to rationally interpret the procedure without the inapplicable propagation of erroneous despair.

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