Did Wednesday rains reveal infrastructure problems?

The torrential rains that visited the Wayland area Wednesday left in their wake flooding on some streets within the city. Shown here are a couple of scenes in Wayland Meadows, but there were other areas that revealed drainage troubles.

Some local residents say the problem was the result of runoff coming from the new development on the hill to the east that failed to install adequate silt barriers.

Another example was a report of huge puddles causing traffic problems on Reno Drive near Robinson Dental.

So some blame poor planning by developers of new residential subdivisions.

One said, “Developers either don’t know what they’re doing or do not care. Or both. Homeowners, taxpayers have to deal with their incompetence, and yes, potentially have safety hazards due to their laziness. Will the city turn a blind eye once again and not support taxpayers just so that we can get more houses to fill the city coffers tax revenue?

“With more developments coming like we saw (Wednesday) this will not change unless people are made aware of it and City Hall shamed into doing something about it.”


  • Wayland’s main infrastructure dates back to the late 1960s to early ’70s. No plan was ever made for replacement or updating. Their plan is to cover ground with roofs and asphalt, no place for water to go. The new tax dollars are going for police cars, fire trucks and 4-by-4 pickups for the DPW. Most cities seeking money for water updates, but Wayland is seeking money for left turn lanes to nowhere and walkways to nowhere. I think Wayland has enough parks and swing sets. Time for a change?

    • Time for change? How about you worry about the township that you live in. Yes things need to be fixed, but lets leave that to City of Wayland citizens to worry about.
      They have a vacuum truck, it hasnt been used in a while. But I think some of the lack of city improvements is coming from poor management from city hall

      • The cost of my water and sewer bills from the City of Wayland that I am forced to have because they are available are my concern. Lack of management is most of that cost. I suggest you mind your own affairs . When you do not have any facts its best to be quiet.

        • If your not happy where you live there certainly are choices, just move…………Displaying your positive attitude or lack of, your neighbors probably wouldn’t be very disappointed in your decision…………


        • It’s really sad, when one has no argument they resort to name calling……..Sad……..


  • You nailed it Dennis, if anyone ever noticed a lot of the streets have no drainage sewers and some have old catch basins that are so far off the road their useless or full of debris they flood.Another problem is where there is a drain it’s usually covered with trash or leaves so the water backs up, you would think with all the time you see the employees from the DPW driving around doing nothing they could make this a weekly duty. I noticed the patch material for the potholes isn’t working either you can find chunks laying all around the potholes and streets.

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