Ramblin’ Road: Homeless folks live in campgrounds

by Phyllis McCrossin

It’s Easter Sunday.

If you don’t think there is a homeless problem in rural Michigan, then you are not paying attention. Check out the parking lots of big chain stores around midnight.

And for the love of all that you consider holy, those of you who are prone to judge and condemn, just don’t. You don’t know their story.

There is a two-week time limit for tent campers here. This is to cut down on the number of homeless people who move into the campground in tents hoping to spend the summer months. It’s a tough call for the campground owners, but they have been burned enough times to know their personal limits. It is a real problem.  Life can be difficult, and it seems unfair at times.

For King and me, we are settling into our summer routine. King is cutting wood and bundling it into bundles to be sold at the campground store. He’s already played golf once with our sons and his golf league begins on Tuesday. Once the weather turns and the grass starts growing he will be spending his time doing lawn maintenance. I think he finds the mindless hours on the lawnmower cathartic.

I worked a 40-hour week last week helping get the campground store in order (stocking and pricing items).  I’m learning a complicated sales system and figuring out the reservation system – and making coffee in an industrial-sized pot.  It’s always an adventure.

Next week my hours will be a more manageable 20 hours and in my free time I’ll be experimenting with making an herbal bonfire mosquito repellant.  The downside to my experiment is it is a little cold for mosquitoes, so I’ll have to wait until warmer weather to test it. A lifetime ago I made herbal salves and lip balms. It was a relaxing pastime, but it’s a challenge to do in my tiny kitchen.

So life is settling into a routine. I hope you find peace and contentment in the coming months.

In the meantime, play nice, be kind and don’t kick sand in the sandbox.

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