Wayland school board to consider adding officer

The Wayland Board of Education Monday night discussed the possibility of adding a second public safety officer for the next academic year.

Matt Miller currently works in the position, mostly at the high school and middle school, but school officials worry he’s being spread too thin with all the different buildings in the school system.

Supt. Dr. Christina Hinds maintained, “One person is not enough to meet our safety goals.”

However, Board Treasurer Toni Ordway said she preferred to wait on a decision until the new superintendent arrives July 1. Dr. Hinds will leave June 30 to take a deputy superintendent’s position at Grand Rapids Northview.

Board members seemed to prefer hiring a deputy from the Allegan County Sheriff’s Department at a cost of $352,525 over four years. The price includes a 75%-25% provision from a grant.

When asked how soon she’d need to know if the board plans to hire another officer, Assistant Supt. for Finances and Operations Patricia Velie quipped, “July 2.”

In other business at their work session Monday, board members:

• Had lengthy discussions about NEOLA policy changes on appearance and grooming of staff and students, but took no actions.

• Was told by Velie that Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has proposed a state aid amount of $9,135 per pupil for next year, about a $400 per student increase over this year. However, Velie suggested, “We need to be a little more conservative in our (budget) estimates” because of rising inflation and gas prices.

• Approved continuing the Career Connections Academy (CCA) by going to an option involving Internet learning with a supervising teacher and an aide. The added cost will be about $125,000.

There are 53 Wayland students enrolled in the alternative education program.


  • When I was in school we did not need officers. Teachers had the power to keep the peace and kick butts as needed. Now teachers are only allowed to be baby sitters with no power. Upbringing used to start at home but now that is child abuse. I got my butt kicked a few times deserved it every time!

  • $88,000 per year, not a bad gig for a 180 day school year……..

    I thought the liberal trend now was to defund the police and hire more Psychologists to guide people through their feelings etc. I certainly hope the MEA steps up and doesn’t allow more police in the school. Let’s follow through on your core values my liberal friends……….


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