Ranger Rick: The invasion of Europe — the United States is next!

Ranger Rick Art_7_0_0Anyone viewing the national news on any channel can’t help but notice the mass of refugees crossing Europe.

The Muslim horde of the Middle Ages didn’t bring Europe down due to Christendom repelling the Muslims by force. There is no overwhelming European Christian coalition to defend against Islamic terrorists today.

Now they are doing it with “refugees” fleeing the barbarous forces of militants and terrorists of ISIS/ISIL or whatever it is called now or a combination of all. How many of the “refugees” are terrorists in disguise? Viewing the average age of those fleeing, they look like mostly young men. Is this the invasion of Europe without weapons (so far)?  Will we hear ”Allah Akbah” as the beheadings begin?

I predict nothing good can come out of this invasion of Europe and to be clear, this is an invasion of the Continent. The countries of Europe should repel all and any refugees. The other Middle Eastern countries aren’t opening their doors of the downfallen and downtrodden – why is that? Because they know the hell they will pay if they let them in. No from Russia too.

Are there real refugees within those hordes invading Europe? Probably. Does that necessitate an allowance of refugees across Europe? No. Contrary to all government talking heads both here and in Europe, we can’t winnow out the good guys from the bad guys with any certainty.

Europe is now feeling the pain of unrestricted immigration, just like those invading hordes from Mexico crossing into our southern states and President Obama’s refusal to help in the invasion. Why do we have Homeland Security if they will not repel the invaders from the south?

Do you have any idea how big the budget is for Homeland Security? In 2010, it was $55.1 BILLION! I’m sure it is much larger now. When are the American people going to wake up and reject the President and Democrat ideas of allowing open borders? Do we hear any Democrat opposition to the President for anything? Do you hear the crickets chirping? The silence from Democrats is deafening.

We are almost $19 trillion dollars, 49 million on food stamps, and 97 million unemployed and we have open borders? What lunacy has overtaken our government? Yet they are deaf to the caring citizens asking why. Why is President Obama allowing this to happen? Because he is fundamentally changing America, just as he promised – changing us from the light of the world and dimming the light that will eventually be extinguished unless a massive change happens. President Barack Hussein Obama was raised a Muslim and I don’t think he has ever accepted Christianity and is allowing this to happen willingly. And Congress is complicit by not opposing his actions and ideas.

Now, President Obama has been quoted the United States will allow 10,000 of these “refugees” to come to our country (with more to come). Russia isn’t accepting any of the refugees as well as most of the Muslim countries in the Middle East, nor have Muslim countries in the Far East announced helping these refugees to their countries. Why? Because they know the idea is behind it and they don’t want any part of it. They know what is happening.

Obama and his administration either have not a clue, or they are counting on the do nothing Republicans and dumbed down masses to not object. Does this surprise anyone? Not really. Stupid is as stupid does. Or is he really a covert “Manchurian Candidate” – trying to destroy the country willingly. I didn’t think so before, but now in his second term, what does it look like to you?

The Republicans have to grow a backbone and the Democrats have to open their eyes. The country’s future is at stake. If these “refugees” are allowed in the country, all literal hell will break loose. Reject this call for allowing refugees from the Middle East or anywhere else to come into the country. We already have too many as it is from Mexico, and we don’t have a clue as to their real intentions or where they are originally from nor what mayhem they intend to bestow upon our citizens.

Please call and write your senators and representative at both the national and state level, demanding they oppose allowing these people into our country. If you don’t know who they are, you know how to use Google or other search engines to find out.

The future of the country is a stake.

The rotting of the country from within continues…




  • Mr. Salisbury, imagine a bloody sword above your head as they yell ““Allahu akbar” while the blade drops!

  • Mr. Salisbury,
    Snarky comments. Good grief. Death on a massive scale is dark imagining. Sir, you can not even grasp the evil that is in the world. I suggest a trip to the middle east to look for yourself, your ideas will evolve.

    • Hmmm… snarky? … sharply critical; cutting; snide… well, could be Mr. Traxler – if pointing out that two individuals on this thread including the post’s author use pseudonyms and that predictions of “Muslim horde” invasions armed with “bloody swords” are pretty dark imagery… then yes, I plead guilty to being sharply critical of both remaining anonymous and using such a literary device.

    • Mr. Traxler, I guess Mr. Salisbury doesn’t understand evil when he sees it. If he viewed the beheadings of U.S. citizens and others and doesn’t view evil for what it is, what more can anyone say? His words and thoughts are from a protected citizen. He would change his tune if he thought he or his family would be in danger. Can’t blame him, most Americans don’t have a clue.

  • Mr. Salisbury, ever seen death on a mass scale? Ever looked into the eyes of a mass murder? After you have you will understand why those of us who carried the safety of our nation on our shoulders are so dammed careful.

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