Army Bob: Free speech is threatened by ‘New Media’

by Robert M. Traxler

The First Amendment to our Constitution is in peril in the “New Media.” We have all witnessed the censorship of stories, people, and subjects that the socialist movement does not approve of on social media.

The argument is made that social media is not a government entity thus the First Amendment does not apply. OK then, why is the left wing so bat crap crazy with Elon Musk purchasing Twitter?

The left cites “disinformation” as defined by them, but ignore things like them saying the Russian Dossier proved without any doubt President Trump was a paid Russian Agent, a story that was stupid from the start and later, after the election, the media admitted it was false.

Also when they said that the Hunter Biden laptop was planted by the FSB (the Russian Federation Foreign Intelligence Service), even though six people named in the emails in the laptop verified the information as true in the first few weeks. Both are the very “conspiracy theories” the left accuses the right of sponsoring.  

Nina Jankowicz, who was a disinformation fellow at the Wilson Center, confirmed a report Wednesday that she has been named executive director of the Department of Homeland Security’s new “Disinformation Governance Board.” The Disinformation Grievance Board will be in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), an agency developed to protect us from international terrorism.

President Woodrow Wilson, arguably our most socialist president, during World War I established censors “for military security.” It quickly expanded to political and social censorship; criticism of the president could land you in prison. It got so bad that good people with German family names changed them to be more like British names, local boards at county level read people’s mail and pressured media. It got so bad people with German Shepard dogs were pressured to kill their loyal pets.

Nina Jankowicz was a fellow at the President Woodrow Wilson Center.

It is interesting that DHS in congressional hearings said the focus of the Disinformation Board will be disinformation during elections aimed at Hispanics and African Americans, two groups that are moving toward the Republicans; can we say political censorship? 

We were told by the very people who established this board that it was a fact that President Trump was a paid Russian Agent and it will be proven just as soon as…. And anyone who disagreed with that or offered a countering fact were banned from most media, or anyone who stated that the Hunter Biden laptop was in fact a true story was banned.

“America’s Mayor,” Rudolph Giuliani, was destroyed in the media for speaking the truth about the Hunter Biden laptop story.  Indeed, the White House spokesperson stated social media if “responsible journalists” would ban the Hunter Biden stories, an implied threat. The Russian agent story was false, and the media knew it a year before the election, and the Hunter Biden story was proven true months before the elections.

Army Bob Traxler

To become a nation approved of by the American left, that pesky Bill of Rights and Constitution need to be canceled or moved to the category of a suggestion, not founding principles and law. The destruction of the First Amendment is a must for the left to move to the next level on the road to a government that treats us as children, making our social, medical, property and financial decisions for us.  

The really strange thing is the media people who are given extended powers by our Constitution to protect free speech are the architects of and large supporters of censorship. They call anything they disagree with hate speech or disinformation, and are even the people who are supporting the expanded censorship we find in a board to control speech located in a federal law enforcement agency named the Disinformation Grievance Board we find in the Department of Homeland Security, again a law enforcement agency?

Is the Disinformation Governance Board an agency designed to ban currently politically incorrect speech? Please remember what goes around comes around. Today speech not deemed appropriate to the left can be banned; after the next election it could be used to ban leftist speech, either way it is a government censorship board. If this does not scare the hell out of you it should. My opinion.


    • Eugene Debs was jailed for speaking out against President Wilson and the War, what today would be “disinformation”. Debs was not jailed for being a socialist.
      Thanks for the comment.

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