Dorr Plan Commission OKs special use for dog kennel

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The Dorr Township Planning Commission Tuesday evening voted 6-0 to grant a special use permit to Daniel Noorman and Stacy Miller to allow their property to have kennels for up to eight dogs at 1430 138th Ave.

Professional Code Inspections described the property as being in a low traffic area and at least 350 feet away from the nearest neighbor.

The property adjacent is owned by a couple who live in South Carolina and Miller told the commission she hasn’t ever seen them since she moved there a dozen years ago.

The special use permit is for accessory use in addition to a detached garage, as well as a dog run. The canines will wear fence collars and the property, zoned agricultural, will be surrounded by fencing.

Miller said she and Noorman do not have plans for boarding dogs in a commercial sense. They already have five dogs and she considers them “part of our family.”

There was no comment from anyone else because Miller and Noorman were the only members of the public present.

In the only other Planning Commission business, it was noted that next month’s meeting, Tuesday June 21, will be a public hearing on the final draft of the master plan.

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