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Another pre-bond proposal vote tour offered at WHS

Assistant Superintendent for Finances and Operations Patricia Velie talks to a group of “tourists” who turned out Tuesday evening for a tour of Wayland High School’s aging and dilapidated pool and the industrial arts classroom as part of a series of attempts to show local citizens the conditions under which students and staff endure. If residents approve a $48.5 million bond project that won’t raise more taxes every year than what is levied now, the shop and music rooms will be moved to accommodate the changes. The next tour and explanation of high school facilities will be held June 11. The bond proposal will appear on the Aug. 2 primary election ballot.

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  • The next tour is June 11, 2022 from 10 a.m. – 11 a.m.
    For the latest in information:
    For clarification the woodshop and auto shop will not be relocated, but receive enhancements as part of the overall project. Rooms changing locations after the pool is built: the pool becomes the shared band/orchestra space, choral moves into the old band/orchestra classroom, CAD Lab moves into the old choral room, the wrestling room is re-established (wall comes down) to provide space for Community Ed classes, youth wrestling, cheer practice, color guard and winter guard practice, etc.
    Other projects include a new roof and windows on the 30 year-old section of the middle school and interior projects at all elementary buildings.
    Please ask for clarification on any Bond related item! Yes, this is a neutral Bond = NO increase in the current 8.4 mills.

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