Asst. Supt. clarifies bond project plans for schools

Pat Velie

To the editor:

The next tour is June 11 from 10 to 11 a.m.
For the latest in information: https://waylandunion.org/district/bond-2022/
For clarification, the woodshop and auto shop will not be relocated, but will receive enhancements as part of the overall project. Rooms changing locations after the pool is built: the pool becomes the shared band/orchestra space, choral moves into the old band/orchestra classroom, CAD Lab moves into the old choral room, the wrestling room is re-established (wall comes down) to provide space for Community Ed classes, youth wrestling, cheer practice, color guard and winter guard practice, etc.
Other projects include a new roof and windows on the 30 year-old section of the middle school and interior projects at all elementary buildings.
Please ask for clarification on any Bond related item! Yes, this is a neutral bond = NO increase in the current 8.4 mills levy.

Pat Velie, Assistant Superintendent for Finances and Operations


  • Pat,

    Are we still utilizing the Auto Shop and Wood Shop at the ACATEC? If so why are we duplicating the space? How much does the tax payer contribute to the Allegan facility?

    Please if you would every time you talk about no increase in mills to inform the taxpayer the length of time will be increasing 20+ years, just so we are all on the same page. It is easy to say no increase however lets try to tell the whole story.

    Sincerely, thanks for all you have done and continue to do for WUS.


  • Hello Mr. Wilkens –

    Yes, we are still using the ACATEC programming in Allegan. That programming is for our students who generally are looking at a career in one of the many curriculums ACATEC offers. Students commit to a half day schedule at ACATEC and then the other half day at the high school.

    Yes, WUS does offer a auto shop class as well as a woodworking class. These are one class period a day and not as immersed as the ACATEC program, but does provide the basics in auto care and woodworking, just not the intense half day programming of ACATEC. Many students choose this method of programming as they are involved in Fine Arts classes (drama, band, orchestra, etc.) and other curriculum choices that don’t fit the half day model of the ACATEC commitment.

    The June 30, 2021 approved AAESA budget for the Technical Programming was Revenues of $7,572,067 and Expenditures of $5,830,572. On my winter tax bill I was assessed 4.9051 mills for AISD programs (to include all programming). I will see if I can find out cost per student based on their current enrollment.

    Both excellent models serve a need and I can’t imagine not offering both to our students who need that flexibility of choice and scheduling to get the most out of their high school experience whether that leads them to an immediate tech/career field or headed to a college program.

    You are right, this neutral, 0 mill bond proposal, does not increase our existing 8.4 mills, but that does not mean that this isn’t adding long-term debt.

    Thank you for the thoughtful questions.

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