Army Bob: What will be top issues in ‘Election 2022’?

by Robert M. Traxler

As the mid-terms near, we see the issues that both parties will run on developing. The right will use crime, inflation, the Roe v. Wade reversal, Ukraine, supply chain shortages and gas prices as the main issues. The left will use, Roe, President Trump, race, sex, environmental issues, gun control, Covid-19, President Trump, Ukraine and of course anti-capitalism along with President Trump as their main issues.

The socialists will tell us that crime has decreased since the advent of “reimagining policing” (what in the hell that even means), and funding cuts for law enforcement. As the categories of crime are redefined, hard drugs are being legalized in many jurisdictions and assaults not being prosecuted, along with property crimes of less than $500 or $1,000 in some cities, which will result in lower reported rates.

The police are not patrolling high crime areas to the extent they did before the anti-police riots (or in socialist terms, peaceful demonstrations) of the last few summers, resulting as it always has since crime statistics have been uniformly kept for the last 189 years, in more crime occurring but less of it reported.

The good folks on the socialist side are convinced that inflation is not a big problem and it has nothing to do with fuel costs; after all, high gas prices will see us drive less and that is a good thing, saving the planet and the like. The doubling of fuel costs is Vladimir Putin’s fault, not President Biden’s. Toss in the corporate greed (but not government spending) as the inflation rate grows to the bad old days of the 1970/’80s, the economy is better under President Biden than it was under President Trump, and if you do not believe it, you’re a stupid racist.  

As we double the cost of diesel fuel, it trickles down to you and me; the cost of everything transported by truck or train is increased, the cost of growing our food is increased, as farms run on diesel. Most of the fertilizers farmers use are petrochemical products, and the availability is down and the cost is up, so inflation is a result.  

We will be bombarded with more untruths about the end of Roe v. Wade, like all birth control will be banned, women will be relegated to breeding stock and abortion is banned in the United States. Interesting how the left said “Roe is the law of the land, shut up and get over it” before, but sing a different tune when it is placed in the hands of the states. Currently abortion is controlled by the states and all 50 have legal abortion of some types.

Army Bob Traxler

Our funding of the war in Ukraine is starting to concern the right; I break with the right on that issue — give Ukraine the tools to stop Russian expansion and we will save money and American lives in the long run. Putin has grabbed some territory during his rule while every American president, but President Trump, was in office. Presidents Bush, Obama and Biden, time to stop the new cold war from developing. To quote Sir Winston Churchill, “Give us the tools and we will finish the job.”

The leaked Supreme Court decision striking down Roe v. Wade was done to fire up the left’s base; ask yourself: why it was leaked, and why now? The American socialist movement is terrified of losing control of the House of Representatives or Senate; controlling both is necessary to further the growth of the all-powerful, all-controlling government.

The left is still holding onto Covid-19 as a weapon in the war on the Constitution; however, by the mid-terms it will be a thing of history. The books on Covid were cooked in a way to make it sound much worse than it was. A prominent member of the Center for Disease Control let the truth out when she stated that if you are struck by lightning and die while also having the Covid virus in your system, it is counted as a Covid death. She went on to say that if you die in an auto accident and have the Covid virus in your system it is a Covid death. Who knows what the numbers truly are? It is a horrible virus responsible for thousands of deaths, but the numbers were inflated.

The midterms will be an acid test on the new normal, a choice between a government that controls us from cradle to grave, or a Democracy based on the Constitution. My opinion.


  • Thankfully it’s gone before it could become an issue. The Ministry of Truth — it blew up almost upon Proclamation by its Queen — over at Homeland Security.

    Dems figured correctly that another Department of Propaganda would be of no help in the mid-terms.

  • AuldSchool,

    The name of the thing, the Disinformation Governance Board did not help much and the person they picked to lead it had way too much baggage even for the media. Thanks for the comment.

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