Appointing ex-supt. is bad govt., bad boardsmanship

ACHTUNG: This is not a “fair and balanced” article. It is an editorial by the editor.

Norm Taylor

Those of you who believe I am totally opposed to Monday’s appointment of former Superintendent Norm Taylor to a seat on the Wayland Board of Education are only half right.

I would have supported his selection if he had pledged to serve only until the end of the year in an effort to plug a gap created temporarily by the resignation of Board Treasurer Toni Ordway. Because of time constraints, Taylor’s experience and expertise would have been most welcome between now and January, and this would enable those interested in serving to file next month for the open seats on the board on a more permanent basis.

But no.

Taylor made no promise to serve only for six months and not one current board member even asked him in his interview if he would be willing to do so. They only read canned perfunctory questions that revealed nothing of importance.

As a matter of principle, I oppose retired chief executive officers returning to the scene of their former business to serve in a different capacity. Such a move creates an awkward situation for the incoming superintendent, Tim Reeves, who now will be serving at the pleasure of his predecessor and six others, over whom the former superintendent may well have considerable influence.

In a nutshell, it’s not good government. Nor is it good boardsmanship.

I wrote an editorial earlier this year, telling the true story of Wayland High School graduate Ozzie Parks, who was flim-flammed and scapegoated by former Maple Valley Supt. Carroll Wolff and his right-hand man, Ron Tobias, before finally being unceremoniously shown the door. I called it a cautionary tale to warn the board of potential pitfalls of a former school superintendent serving in a legislative and policy-making role.

Apparently, members of this school board ignored such uppity and impertinent advice and decided to just forge ahead regardless.

I hereby urge Mr. Taylor to refrain from being a candidate for school board in the November election, but understand it’s about as likely as Donald Trump not seeking to control the electoral process in the United States of America.

I also hereby wish success and smooth sailing for new Supt. Tim Reeves, but I am skeptical of its likelihood.


  • Good observations. Former owners often do not make good employees. I have seen it first hand. There is a tendency to continue in the manner established when in charge rather than follow different trends. It will be interesting to watch how the board functions.

  • I also spoke of the pitfall of Mr. Taylor and his known desire to want to be Drum Major and show piece of the show.
    His interview did not ask Mr. Taylor how he rated his tenure as Superintendent and his intentions going forward.
    The new Superintendent stated his desires going forward and deserves the opportunity without a former Superintendent to oversee and judge the selected newcomer.

  • Unfortunately in my opinion the WUS Board had no choice but to go with Mr Taylor. Read the last statement on Town Broadcast from Jake Gless:

    “These delusional undereducated guys here in the comments can’t handle having their delusions uncovered. Reality is a threat to them. They’re threatened by and they’re jealous of your character and temerity.”

    Is this someone that you think would be a good fit for the School board?

    My opinion!


  • Mr Wilkens
    Just an observation…if you are calling anyone with a degree in the fine arts undereducated. You genuinely need to rethink your idea of educated.
    Time will very likely show that bringing in the “Drum Major” and sidelining one you label undereducated may very well be the per verbal “straw that broke the camel’s back “.
    I totally agree with Mr RB. Having experienced many companies, businesses, and organizations that kept previous leaders on board. No good comes of it.
    Fortunately I have ” no monkeys in this circus ” .. it will be a good learning experience for the surrounding school districts to observe the out come .

    • Mr Smit,

      This was Jake Gless quote here on Town Broadcast. I would never hold an art degree against anyone. Jake was ripping on the opinions of others that he firmly disagreed with. He doesn’t sound very professional to me, of course my opinion.

      Have a great day!


  • Editor,

    Would you want a former teacher or current teacher to serve on a school board? Do they come in with an agenda to possibly try to remove a Superintendent they don’t like? Or do you have a problem with a former administrator who happened to be a outspoken Trump supporter? What if Robert Wiersma would have been appointed? Your bias creeps into most of your writings……..


  • Mr. Taylor, whether Republican, Democrat, or other has no bearing on his ability and experience to be appointed to the school board.
    On a side note, if you knew then before voting for the disaster that was and is Biden what you know now, would you have voted for him? I think Mr. Taylor is onto something and he can stand a mean tweets or two!

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