Leighton may hike support for softball park in Moline

12th Street will be closed Monday, June 13, at its intersection with Division just north of Moline.

The Moline softball park, officially known as George Schrotenboer Field, Thursday night sought help with its infrastructure from the Leighton Township Board.

Ken Ritz, a longtime board member for the park, said some things have deteriorated over the years at the field, which began its tradition as a popular site for softball games since 1944. He specified problems with the bathroom, parking and lights.

Library Board Representative Faith Miedema added, “The toys (at the park) are not very nice any more.”

Trustee John Hooker immediately was sympathetic.

“The township has not spent a lot of money on that park over the years,” even though Leighton owns the facility. “There’s a lot of people who use that park. We should set some money aside… It’s a township park, but there hasn’t been a lot of investment by the township.”

Township Treasurer Jaci Bultsema said $20,000 is in the township budget annually for both the Moline park and the facility at Green Lake.

Clerk Rachel Fennema said, “They do the best they can with what they’ve got.”

It was agreed that the township doesn’t have the financial resources to make a major and immediate impact, but it could take steps steadily to improve it.

In other business at the meeting Thursday, the board:

• Noted that 12th Street at Division will be closed to traffic Monday, June 13.

• Heard a presentation by Wayland Schools Assistant Supt. for Finances and Operations Patricia Velie about the bond issue that will be part of the Aug. 2 primary election ballot.

Velie said the $48.5 million request will be for a new pool, which will cause a domino effect in building a new band and orchestra room, new location for wood and metal shop and the choir program.

She maintained that, “We are a community surrounded by water,” but swimming classes and lessons had to be eliminated recently because the 48-year-old facility too often has had to be shut down for safety reasons.

“It’s served this district very well for many years, but now it’s falling apart.”

She was joined in her presentation by Jeff Koon, chairman of the citizens’ committee to have the bond passed.

• Approved the Harvest Meadows condominium project Phase 2 after the Planning Commission gave its recommendation.

• Fielded a complaint from Green Lake area Shore Commons residents Karen DeWitt and Mike Fulton that they somehow have seen their access to the lake seriously decreased by7 the proliferation of docks, which sometimes are used by non-residents. They insisted they had won a court judgment in 1966, but since then they have lost such privileges.

Supervisor Steve Wolbrink said he couldn’t find anything in writing that verified their privileges, especially after a 2014 directive.

• Was told by Miedema that the Leighton Township Library will cease providing postal services June 15 after 10 years.

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  • I am sure the Green Lake park gets $19,999 of that money. The elite of Leighton Township! The rest of us scum bums get the crumbs. Been that way for years!

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