Basura: Our thoughts and prayers don’t seem to work

More prayers?
“It isn’t what we don’t know that gives us trouble, It is what we know that ain’t so.” — Will Rogers

C’mon, Louie (Rep. Gohmert). Just when vast numbers of Americans are taking the position that “Thoughts and Prayers are not enough,” we learn that Louie Gohmert (R-TX) wants more. More prayers, anyway; he doesn’t address the idea of thoughts.

As I said before, it seems to me like the pray-ers would have been doing that right along, at least since the massacre of Sandy Hook. More than nine year years ago, Adam Lanza killed 26 people, mostly very young children, at an elementary school. I think that probably generated a great deal of prayers.

Rep. Gohmert said, in a House Judiciary Hearing, “Look, maybe if we heard more prayers from leaders of this country instead of taking God’s name in vain, we wouldn’t have the mass killings like we didn’t have before prayer was eliminated from schools,” he told the House, as reported by Business Insider.

It has been said that nothing fails like prayer.

It’s been a long time, but I was brought up to believe in a deity that was omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent and loving. If God is all powerful, and all knowing, and always on the job, and loving, why would Louie Gohmert think we need to be asking him, yet again, to make these atrocities stop?

Is God really powerful and well informed, but not really a loving God? Does He actually care, but lacks the power to do anything to help? Maybe He’s powerful, and loving, but doesn’t really keep up on current events in His Creation? Something doesn’t add up for me.

Perhaps the Devil now has more power, and has Him stymied. I doubt if all religious folks believe in Satan, but Louie might. Am I right to see this as a conundrum?

Should more of us be praying? Should we be praying harder? Should we be praying more frequently? Or should we contribute to and vote for candidates that reflect our thinking?

Sorry, Louie.  No cheese for you.


  • To many Sunday Christians the rest of the week doesn’t matter. God dos not answer any prayers you need to help yourself. I am not saying God dos not care; he is a guide pull up your pants and fight. The money grubbing Senate and Congress are not going to help. VOTE THEM OUT!!!!

  • A devout believer! God never promised any of us heaven on earth. And evil is here more than ever. Look at Biden and his idiot Administation giving out so much money we now have runaway inflation. Transitory inflation my A@#!!

    • I have a hunch some folks must have a very sad life without a faith and relationship with our Savior. Sad, very sad indeed.

      By the way Gohmert’s comments to Strzok about smiling to his wife were incredible. Google or YouTube them. Truth is a bastard.

  • Instead of prayers and laws that won’t do anything to stop determined psychopaths that run free in our society, we need to start treating schools a bit more like banks, insurance companies and defense contractors etc.

    Children don’t work in any of those places but they all have better security than 99% of schools.

    We need to admit to ourselves that some people with mental illness cannot be treated with drugs they are expected to take voluntarily. Some of them need to be confined and medicated.

    Last but not least, we need to expect police leadership and officers to exhibit better judgment and act appropriately. When they fail like they did in Uvalde, someone needs to be charged and others held accountable…Just like when they failed in Minneapolis and in Grand Rapids.

  • Basura, dear, sweet, confused friend, I believe I’ve seen the light!
    Remember the old WWII song “Praise the Lord, and Pass the Ammunition” by Kay Keyser? It’s suddenly clear to me! Guns = God and God = guns.
    We need more prayer everywhere, just as we need “hardened” schools with just one door, and heavily armed guards everywhere in the schools!
    There’s only one thing missing from this idyllic scenario for modern schools to eliminate mass shootings with obscenely powerful rifles. We need to arm the children!!
    Give every school kid in America a gun, purchased by the federal government (oops, socialism), and provide the kids with new body armor at the beginning of each school year. We can work out the details of assigning new armor as the kids grow.
    Then the most reliable thing to stop a bad guy with a gun will be an immature, good child with a gun!! What could be better than that?
    Oh, how about open carry for all those kids, too, even off school grounds? Maybe that would insure us of a violence-free America.
    Then we wouldn’t need Congress anymore. They could all go home and continue not caring a hoot in hell about what the majority of Americans want from their legislators.
    Arm America and let the people rule with guns and God!

    • Ms. Mandaville,
      It is a hash pipe dream to think places that are “gun free zones” (schools, churches, courts, etc.) are not magnets for these deranged nutjobs to do their cowardly destruction of innocent lives. In all cities that are “gun free” such as Chicago, huge numbers of shooting deaths and woundings happen every week. So what is the answer? More proposed legislation, more regulation. What moose droppings!
      How about more common sense? Having improved security and limited access to schools, armed guards, metal detector doorways,
      and signs that warn violators will be fired upon. If teachers wish to carry, they go through training to carry safely. No open carry, concealed carry only so nobody knows who is armed. If you aren’t sure who may intervene, you are less likely to start something.
      If you think more regulation will stop this from happening, you are delusional.

      • The answer is we do whatever the other countries do that don’t have this problem. Easy. I’m against making schools a refuge so small Dick people can walk around with military weapons. Really? Protect ourselves to that extent do you weirdos can feel emancipated by some strange laws? Do you want your first grader locked in just so you and your strange friends can walk around with big weapons . Same people worth “ faith over fear” signs?

        • Ms. Deb, your responses sound like an angry liberated liberal female whose husband must be whipped! Take a breath, calm down… your president is doing a wonderful job of destroying the country so you must be overjoyed. Cheer up and put a smile on your face!

        • Deb I see you upset the loyal trump humpers and yes they know all about the small penises they’ve been taken it up the rear end every time that trump appears in their fantasies. Gun God and small penises!

      • David, you should thank God for anything in which you find gratefulness. More important, though, you should refresh yourself about sarcasm and parody when folks like me make such outrageous statements as I just did.

          • Actually Reader, I believe the comment went right over Lynns head. I thought David’s reply was a sarcastic statement to her outrageous and ridiculous response to Basura.

  • If we could just agree to live in theocracy. Fortunately we still live in a representative democracy and not everyone believes in the idea that a “relationship” with “our savior” is prerequisite for a society to make laws and rules that will slow the sale of weapons especially to people under 21.

    From where I sit, David’s “savior” must have been on break when the gunman murdered children and teachers in Texas, when a gunman killed students and teachers in Connecticut and when lone gunmen shot and killed multiple people in churches in Texas and Georgia.

    Or just maybe there is a supreme being or creator who gave mankind the ability to have cogent thought, make rules and laws that allow societies to exist with far fewer mass shooting than we experience in the US.

    • Wrong again, Davenport man! We live in a republic. Democracy is mob rule, such as the Biden administration. We are a republic, electing others to represent us, the majority doing a terrible job.

  • I have lived a somewhat colorful life and dealt with many walks of life. I can’t help but notice very many of the anti self-defense folks are somewhat compromised. Some have disclosed to me, that they are frightened to have firearms in their home. Perhaps out of fear they may use them on themselves. What a shame. Hear me… what a shame.

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