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15-year-old girl found by State Police after missing

UPDATE: Rachel Wagner, the 15-year-old girl reported missing Friday afternoon, has been found.

Her stepmother said, “Thank you to everyone of you who called, texted and messaged me with info. With what I was able to collect I was able to pass on the to State Police who did find her.”

She left her mother’s house Thursday near Shelbyville in a white car with a boy named Carson. Rachel’s phone is off line and friends and relatives are unable to find her. None of her friends have said they have seen or talked to her.

She is 15 years old and goes to Otsego High School. She has blue eyes, middle of the back length brown hair, stands 5 feet 6 inches. 130 pounds.

Her stepmother asks friends and family if they know where she is or who this Carson boy is. He supposedly is from Hamilton or Shelbyville. Please call (269) 352-7470.

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