Dorr Plan Commission OKs recommending master plan

About a year after winning approval from Dorr Township, Copart now is moving dirt at the site of a combination auto salvage yard and on-line sales business just east of the U.S.-131 expressway on 142nd Avenue next to the township’s water tower.

The Dorr Township Planning Commission Tuesday night adopted a resolution to recommend adoption of the new master plan and approved a special use request for a couple to operate a commercial kennel on property zoned agricultural.

Commissioner Larry Dolegowski remarked, “Finally, after two and a half years.”

Indeed the commission and Township Board have been examining and tweaking the master plan for more than two years because of the Covid pandemic. The previous master plan had been adopted in 2007.

Planner Nathan Mehmed of Williams and Works, who has been guiding the process for all this time, said all the preliminary work has been completed and all that’s left is for the Township Board to take it up.

The only comment at the public hearing came from former Township Trustee Norm Fifelski, who expressed concerns about continuing the “Village” designation for property near 16th Street and 142nd Avenue. He said if enough commercial zoning was permitted there it would detract from the downtown of Dorr.

Caleb and Hillary Dumond asked for special use permit for then to operate a commercial kennel at 1503 138th Ave. Neighbors Kenneth and Kathy Estelle objected in writing, insisting a kennel would create a noise and traffic nuisance. The Estelles plan to build a house to the immediate west of the Dumonds.

However, there were no other objections.

Furthermore, Caleb Dumond said he and his wife would mitigate noise from barking by using individual insulated cabins for the canines.

They plan to board and perhaps even train dogs in the property and will keep daily houts of 9:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Zoning Administrator Lori Castello of Professional Code Inspections said without zoning the couple could keep up to three dogs and they are asking to harbor six.

Dolegowski said, “I think you’ve come up with the best plan you can,”

Both votes on the master plan and special use permit were passed 6-0.


  • The planning commission allowed an auto salvage yard right next to the townships water tower?! An auto salvage yard right next to the source of drinking water for the township?!
    I wish I had known this prior to buying a home in Dorr. Thankfully my home has a well. Rest assured I will not be accepting water from the water tower if they offer it on my road. Wow. I do not understand the thinking behind the decision made by the township planning commissioners.

  • Zoey, Well thought comments. You are right, it does not seem logical to have that next to a community well…. oh well, the deed is done.

    • You are right David! Not logical at all! How did this happen? Did the residents have a chance to voice opposition to this development? In this day and age of people tracing their cancers and illnesses back to contaminated drinking water this was allowed to happen?! An auto salvage yard (leaking gas, oil, other pollutants) right next to the townships water supply?! How does this make any sense?!

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