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Beauty bar and salon latest to take on ‘Corner Curse’

It appears that someone next month will try to beat the long-standing “Corner Curse” at the northwest corner of Main and Superior Streets in downtown Wayland.

A woman posted on Facebook Wednesday that Superior Beauty Bar will be the newest Wayland business opening up next month. It will be a full service salon and spa. The business is seeking a licensed cosmetologist, esthetician or nail tech!

“We have a positive, fun environment and competitive chair rental prices,” the new owner promised.

The “Corner Curse” is the pattern of start-up businesses that have failed or moved elsewhere since longtime building occupant Gurney’s IGA went out of business in 1974. The building has been home to a Mexican restaurant, ice cream parlor, hot dog eatery, retro record shop and a variety of other businesses, most not lasting for as much as a couple of years. The latest, a fitness center, pulled up roots and moved west on Superior Street next to the rehabilitation center.


  • As a fan of yours but best friends with the current owner of the building-it is hurtful and possibly detrimental when you continue to call that building a curse. She did Temple Fitness a huge favor as a new business and allowed him an opportunity as a start up which proved to have them grow and need a bigger-better space. Most commercial leases are more than a year but she cut him a break and helped him to flourish-that’s not a curse. Please be so kind as to stop posting these statements as it could potentially hurt her in the future.

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