Army Bob: Progressives are bullying liberals on issues

by Robert M. Traxler

Two recent events in the Town Broadcast, the naked censorship of a Mr. DTOM and a column by the Editor/owner/censor degrading our nation and Constitution prompted me to pen this letter to the editor. It was getting long so it became a column. 

Mr. Editor


Please correct me if I am wrong, but have you have never canceled or censored a progressive person? Yes, some are as abusive as Mr. DTOM. Fairness in the eye of most of the media is censorship of speech and thought. What ever happened to liberals of old? You have become the very intolerant people you protested in our youth.  

The liberals/socialists/progressives can amend the Constitution; our Constitution is a living document that can be and has been changed. The fact it can be amended goes to the brilliance of the founders. It has been updated as society changes; however, the socialist movement cannot function in a world with our Constitution in effect, it simply gives too many rights to the individual.    

Let’s look at what must be changed in the Bill of Rights to allow a socialist government. Free speech will be denied, as it is to a lesser extent today, cancelling “hurtful/uncomfortable speech.” Speech against a government must be canceled, or the violator punished; socialism always fails over time, leaving disaster and pain in its wake, but that may not be said out loud. 

Freedom of religion (as a leading socialist called it, an opiate for the masses) must be regulated. Communist governments ban religion and private property, socialists strictly control it, as it is in the Russian Federation, and the Peoples Republic of China, both former communist now socialist states.

It goes without saying the Second Amendment must be destroyed as it is a threat to an overbearing government.  

Banning the government from unreasonable search and seizure contained in the Fourth Amendment must go, as the government needs access to and control of all acts, thoughts and property.

The Fifth Amendment needs to be on the ash heap of history to allow the government to go after anti-government groups and individuals who are a threat to the joys of National Socialism.

A good example of not following the Sixth Amendment is the Jan. 6 protesters/rioters being jailed in solitary confinement for more than a year with vague charges and very limited contact with counsel; where is the traditional liberals’ outrage? Scared to death of being canceled by the progressives. Liberalism is dead, replaced with a radical progressive ideology. 

The right to a trial by jury is a threat to an all-powerful government. The right to a trial by a jury of your peers is very limited in socialist nations like the Russian Federation, and nonexistent in the People’s Republic of China and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. 

The most insidious to the progressives of all the Bill of Rights are the Ninth and Tenth. The federal government must be all-powerful and all-controlling in a socialist/progressive nation. It is interesting that the socialist movement wants states’ rights in drug use, but not abortion. 

History teaches us that in every nation that adopts socialism the government preaches ultranationalism. Even in communes of a few people, the good of the group is valued above the rights of the individual. If a socialist state allows approved religion and strives for ultranationalism you have the classic definition of the fascists’ system of government as designed by a person, Adolph Hitler called ‘my teacher,’ the father of fascism and lifelong socialist Bento Mussolini.

Army Bob Traxler

Please remember that socialism always fails over time and ends in an all-powerful dictator as it destroys initiative and innovation, and yes, runs out of other people’s money. 

Why the progressives don’t follow the Constitution and use the amendment process is puzzling. Why the leftists condemn the Constitution for being ratified in 1789 not allowing women to vote, but fail to give credit to the nation for the 19th amendment that allows women to vote? Why they do not put the woman’s right to vote in 1778 in context? Women did not get voting rights until 1918 in Great Britain, 1953 in Mexico, France 1944, Finland 1906, Germany 1918, Austria/Netherlands 1918, Russia 1917, Canada 1918, most African nations 1950-1975, most Arab nations 1953-2015.

Why do they discredit our Constitution for slavery, but fail to credit it with the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments abolishing slavery and protecting former slaves’ rights is an example of the progressive hatred of our constitutional process. We have seen the death of the traditional American liberal, canceled by the radical progressives. 

“Liberalism is dead, long live progressivism,” is the new mantra; I never thought I would see the day liberals would cheer censorship, terrified and bullied by the progressives and their cancel culture. My opinion.  


  • Hey Army Bob, that’s not the first time I’ve heard saying that socialism works until you run out of other people’s money.

    You know what I’ve never heard? Anyone parroting that assertion who can follow it up by explaining to where the money goes when it runs out. Care to take a stab at that follow-up?

    • Mr. Gless,
      Sir, thank you for the comment. The question is puzzling, after money is spent where does it go? Please clarify the question.

    • Thanks Mr. Gless for another well stated comment. Someone like AB he reminds me of the robot from Lost in Space — “your question does not compute.”
      My opinion, of course.

      • My point exactly! When Thatcher said “til you run out of other people’s money,” where does it go? Why isn’t there any more capital in circulation? What happens to the money in this aphorism? Do the poor people end up with all of the “other people’s money”? Please walk me through the wealth cycle here. Or is this just a dumb saying to parrot instead of a smart one?

        • Mr. Gless,
          So if you give me all your money it is not gone it is recirculating? Just how then do you spend it?

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