Army Bob: Is science undeniable or a suggestion?

by Robert M. Traxler

We must believe the science, all the science, or be a damned science denier and then (according to some of the progressives who scribble in the pages of this paper) if we do not believe the end of the world is in 2030, we should not be allowed to receive treatment for cancer.

And progressives are the “compassionate” ones?

So, the science states a person born a man is a man. The science teaches us, XX chromosome male, XY chromosome female  Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), biology, anatomy all say a woman born a woman is a woman, but if you believe this you are a racist, bigot, sexist, homophobe who should be canceled, shunned, banned, and discredited. Just how that works is a mystery to me, but we are not allowed to ask the logical questions; the cancel culture will come after us hammer and sickle. 

The science tells us that men cannot get pregnant, but abortion activist Aimee Arrambide stated in front of the House Judiciary committee, under oath, that she believes men can get pregnant and have abortions. Ms. Arrambide is following the lead of the Surgeon General who agrees. Does this make sense? No, but we better not say that or we “deny science,” are politically incorrect and generally an old-fashioned dumb ass. Well, this old dumb ass cannot get his mind wrapped around how it all works while staying in the boundaries of science.  

One must be curious whether the progressive movement honestly believes that a man is a woman if they wish to be, or a woman a man? How do they fulfill the science requirement?  How do they not deny the science of anatomy? 

If you want to say someone born a man who wishes to be a woman should be referred to as a woman fine, no problem, but saying they are a woman in the eyes of science and biology is just unenlightened, politically correct, but just wrong. To say a male athlete who calls himself a woman is biologically a woman is not science, it is politically correct, but flies in the face of science fact and logic.    

Global climate change was settled science, guaranteeing the world will end in 2030. Carbon emissions coming out of China and India far outstrip the reductions North America and Western Europe have made, and vastly exceed the carbon levels set by the “reduce carbon worldwide by 5% per year” folks or the end is a scientific fact.

Many of the “end is a fact” folks indeed scribble in the pages of this very paper. We must wonder if they are planning for life after 2030? Education funds for children or grandchildren, a 30-year mortgage, an 8- or 10-year investment plan? Life insurance?  

Army Bob Traxler

Covid-19 also told us we must follow the science and make our decisions based on science, but a male homosapiens is not a male if he wishes to be a female. What does the science say, the undeniable science? Well it disagrees, but the science is a mere suggestion when it goes against political correctness, and an undeniable law when it supports a politically correct policy. Pick a side, any side; is science undeniable or a suggestion?

China and India get to pollute to their hearts’ content, making the stuff we must have: antibiotics, electronics and components, rare earth minerals, textiles and machinery. As only American/Canadian oil and gas destroy the planet, only North American and Western European emissions are dangerous, China and India burning train loads of soft coal per day are fine, American coal burned in much cleaner energy producing plants are a danger to the planet. The science be damned, it is the political correctness that dictates good vs bad, male vs female. My opinion.

One more thing, Arathy Somasekhar among others, reported in Reuters July 5 that five million barrels of oil from our strategic oil reserve went to Europe, and to China. We must ask, those few who dare to ask, given the cancel culture, just how that will reduce gas prices in the United States?


    • D V,

      You need to read up on President Joe Biden visit to the Saudis begging them for more oil productions………..While having a huge supply right here in the USA……..You can’t make this stuff up………


      • Actually you can make that stuff up because you just did. He did not go there begging for more oil input.

      • Here’s what really happened and we should be grateful to the Biden administration for putting this country first.
        What has had the largest impact on gas prices has been the artificially low global oil supply caused by Trump’s two year deal with OPEC to slow production to raise prices. In April 2020, at the height of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, with gas prices at their lowest since Obama was President, Trump said low gas prices were bad for America and promised to fix the problem. By threatening to withhold the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia, he was able to secure a two-year commitment from OPEC—the world’s largest oil producer—to slash production by about 25%, reducing the global oil supply by about 10%. In the 12 months that followed, the average price of gas in America rose over 50%, and in the ten months since, it has risen another 22%.

        So the good news is that the increase in the price of gas is slowing, and once OPEC is free to resume normal production again, gas prices should start to drop.

        The bad news is that Russia accounts for about 15% of global oil production, and if a global embargo on Russian oil takes that off the international market, we could see the shortage continue at about the same level.

        Biden has had an impact on gas prices as well. In 2020 when the country was largely shut down (75% of schools closed and the highest unemployment since the Great Depression), there was a decreased demand for automotive fuel. Biden spent his first 100 days working to help schools and businesses to safely reopen, resulting in 85% of businesses that closed reopening, a record number of jobs created or recovered, and the most new business startups in history. That increased the demand for gasoline and made the short supply more of an issue.

        Biden also coordinated with our allies to simultaneously release oil from national reserves to temporarily boost the global supply and lower prices, but that is not a long-term solution. He tried to get OPEC to end their slowdown agreement early, but OPEC did not want to hurt their ability to make deals in the future by breaking their promise just because there was a change of policy in the Oval Office. (Why would even Biden himself make a deal with OPEC that extends beyond his own term if he knows they may choose to break the deal once he’s out of office?

  • Sir,

    Great job with this one. I am truley surprised that this was published. Perhaps too direct communication for many readers.

    • D V,
      Thank you for the comment, Just how do you know what Fox News is saying if you do not “tune in”. President Biden, Representative A.O.C., Senator Schumer, the DNC. and other Democrats all maintained the science is settled and undeniable. Thanks again.

      • Science is rarely, if ever, ‘settled’. Scientific findings rely on a stream of evidence, with hypotheses (tentative explanations) routinely questioned, tested, refined and retested. This is how our understanding improves over time.

        Can you source your info?
        In addition I have never watched fox but trumpsters all have the same talking points so it’s a given

  • Thank you Army Bob! Well said!!
    I wish I could fit your whole article on a t shirt, I’d wear it every day.

  • AB,

    This is a fantastic opinion article. I would love to see AZ, 2030, Gless or the Editor take a stab at this one. Very hard to refute the “Science”


    • Mr. Wilkens,
      John, thanks for the comment, it is early in the process folks may still find fault. Cheers indeed.

  • Politicians follow political science as fact and truth. All other sciences are suggestions. Great article, I don’t know how to post a like on this app. If I could I would post one!

  • AB Robert,

    Check and Checkmate. Finally the infamous four were backed in the corner with nothing to say. Beaten by their own science.

    Well done Sir!


    • Mr. Wilkens,
      We must follow the science and not be a dammed science denier, unless of course the science proves the Progressives wrong, then we must ignore the science. Thanks for the comment.

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