Mini-Park mural nearly finished in local festival

The Wayland Mainstreet 2022 Mural Project at the Mini Park downtown, on the west wall of McDuff’s, was nearly completed during the festival over the weekend. Organizers said more than 60 community volunteers helped with the project. Anita Buckowing, a spokeswoman, said finishing touches for the mural should be done in the next couple of weeks.


  • Hi! Correction, the Mural was about half finished during Mainstreet Celebration on Saturday, July 16. Additional painting was done with the helo of more Community volunteers today and the finishing touches should be completed over the next week or two.

    We are already discussing the next Mural project with a local business owner and we will hopefully be able to publish details about that later this Summer.

    ~ Anita Buckowing, Project Lead for the Wayland Mainstreet 2022 Community Mural Project at the Mini Park, on the west wall of McDuff’s Bar and Grill, created by Artist Carrie Shelley with assistance of many local community volunteers

    • And a correction on my part – the Artist is Carrie Bala (I had her last name incorrect – my apologies).

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