Former mayor asks council to permit use of golf carts

Former Wayland Mayor Burrell Stein and citizen Amy DeShaw Monday night asked the Wayland City Council to reconsider earlier inaction and adopt an ordinance permitting use of golf carts.

“I would like to see the council discuss legalizing golf carts and side by sides” in the next meeting Aug. 1, DeShaw said.

Stein pointed out that the cities of Allegan and Fennville have local ordinances that permit and regulate golf cart use, as does Allegan County.

“We should adopt a golf cart ordinance,” the former mayor maintained. “I think it would be a benefit to the city. I think it’s something we should do. I don’t see anything complicated about it.”

Stein said such vehicles would be a big help to older citizens who want to get around the city of side streets and sidewalks without having to buy gasoline for cars and SUVs. He said he used a golf cart within the city limits to help stage the annual Memorial Day parade.

City Manager Josh Eggleston said the issue was brought before the Public Safety Committee and then a council a couple of years ago. However, the idea did not garner even one vote of support in open session of the council. It was believed golf carts would just create more public safety headaches.

Stein agreed golf carts should not be permitted on state roads and major streets that have a lot of traffic, but they could be beneficial in helping senior citizens get to restaurants, Harding’s Market and other places of business.

No action was taken on the proposals, but there may be further discussion.


  • Since we’re talking city residents traveling within the city why not take the plunge and go green.
    Make the requirement “electric” only. Nice and quiet.

    And please …. DOT appropriate brake lights, turn signals etc. Eliminate the guesswork for other drivers at every intersection.

    I’ve seen this work seamlessly elsewhere. It’s not a bad thing but it needs boundaries for road safety and neighborly respect.

    One location comes to mind where its $25 for an annual safety inspection and sticker. Then you are good to go. Seems to work well in maintaining adherence to the safety requirements.

    A great opportunity to apply some Wildcat green environmental and social governance.

  • Good luck Burrell the city council members all have their own agenda nothing else matters. Lots of golf carts four wheelers and side by sides on the roads already. And Slim a lot of things work well elsewhere??

  • Dennis, I’m curious why the attitude. On this issue I say no to allowing this on side walks. They are not friendly for golf cart wheel base. vs width of sidewalk. These people have a path to what they want. Make your cart street legal. If the council wants to move on this they should also have an understanding with the PD who already chooses what laws they enforce.

    • No attitude, Gay, just have read several minutes of council meetings. They have a deaf ear to the public if it is not on their personal agenda.
      I do not think RVs should be on sidewalks either. The PD wears blinders often, depending on who you are.
      They will most likely need a $20,000 survey to validate a vote!

  • Well maybe they can allow the riders to smoke a joint or too. Maybe add a strip joint and some more honky tonks. Let’s show them how diverse Wayland really is.

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