First marijuana sales site may be on West Superior

Realtor Bob Serulla

The commercial building housing Technology Solutions at 122 W. Superior St. has listed the building for sale and is entertaining offers through its private realtor, Bob Serulla.

“We are currently looking to move by leasing some space in the area and continue to serve Wayland and Wayland Schools,” said business owner Scott Calkins. “With the current economic conditions, we have found we have two options:

“The bad option is to raise prices as the costs have risen.

“The good option, in our thinking, was to downsize to reduce overhead and hope to keep prices affordable for the community.

“We have more square footage then we need here and haven’t had a ton of success leasing out the extra space.”

Serulla has been a frequent visitor at recent Wayland City Council meetings during its deliberations on the city’s first ordinance permitting sale of marijuana. In the Realtor’s listing, he has made it clear it could be used for selling marijuana because of the new ordinance.

Meanwhile, Calkins said anyone with potential space they have available for the computer business should call him at 269-397-1520.

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