Gregorville Road getting extensive reconstruction

Gregorville Road, also referred to as 133rd Avenue in Wayland Township, is having 3.15 miles of roadway reconstruction, including clearing, grade establishment, sand subbase, aggregate base, culvert replacements and restoration.

The project is running from 6th Street east to Patterson Road at the Barry County line.

The road is closed to through traffic and motorists are advised to seek alternative routes.

The work is culvert removal, fence removal, fence relocation regardless of fence type, obliterating/pulverizing roadway, rock excavation, concrete removal, HMA removal, earth excavation, embankment and saw cuts. The contractor, Langloise Construction, will place ditches and slopes. The earth excavation quantity does include the existing topsoil and pavement that must be stripped.

The embankment quantity includes material to replace stripped topsoil and pavement in fill sections. The embankment quantity does not reflect shrinkage. Some excavation and embankment will be required to make a smooth transition into driveways.

Additional driveway changes in slopes or ditch depths will not result in extra payment on this item.

The Wayland Township Board earlier this month approved the cost of $1.328 million for the project.

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