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Freda’s Fish Fry closes eatery at Gun lake location

Alicia Thorpe and Freda’s Fish Fry at its downtown Wayland location about a decade ago.

Freda’s Fish Fry, the restaurant that got into trouble about seven years ago for having a colorful advertising sign on West Superior Street, has closed its doors at its Gun Lake location, where owner Alicia Thorpe moved four years ago.

Thorpe posted today on Facebook, “After deep thought… I will be closing the store as of today. If you want to go grocery shopping or get a deal on equipment get a hold of me. As soon as I have things in order I will be having a sale.”

Freda’s had a colorful trailer near the curb on West Superior in front of the eatery in the plaza next to Bentley’s Party Store. Thorpe ran afoul of the city ordinance governing signage in the downtown district and was ordered to have it removed. She did, and then. moved her business to North Main where most recently the Salsa Por Favor operated, but closed just recently.

Thorpe shut down her restaurant in the city seven years ago, but three years later opened up shop again on Patterson Road in Yankee Springs Township, offering many of the same culinary items, including fish and Mexican entrees.


  • Boy…that’s 3 local eateries recently closing. Could it be a result of Bidenflation? Less money in the pocket, less to spend on going out to eat. Hopefully, many have learned the lesson and vote for Pro American candidates.

    • Oh Mr pessimist, you’re so out of touch with reality, I personally know Ms Thorpe and her business was thriving during and after the pandemic. If you were up to date the business has been for sale long before inflation. And for the other two businesses. The reason they folded was the three killers of restaurants, food quality, service, and location. And everyone I know that has dined at these two locations always complained about the quality and service.

      • You hit it on the head. Location is first. Wayland is not business friendly. As far as Bidenflation bull sh^t . 4 years of Trump saying I am not responsible for anything. Or doesnt anyone remember? Now Biden is responsible for everything?

          • Gar, I do not comment to David the Apostle. Too scared to use his whole name? He is like Spam on the Internet Just push DELETE!

  • Nobody has ever made Slim a platter of gizzards and fries as good as Freda’s
    Perfect every time at every location.
    Very sorry to see it go.

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