Army Bob: Severe green policies hurt economy

by Robert M. Traxler

In the Democratic climate and health care legislation is $25 million to study and combat enteric (intestinal) emissions produced by cows and farm animals, largely through burps and farts, nearly all going to the California State University system.

Researchers at University of California Davis want the government to require seaweed be added to cattle food. We have friends who are third generation family dairy farmers; to be competitive in the market, it is vital they produce their own food for the cows, primarily grass, alfalfa and corn.

Add into the cost of seaweed harvested from the ocean, dried and transported to farms in the mid-west (using fossil fuels), and the cost is more than if the feed was grown and harvested in Dorr, Martin, Hopkins, Moline or Wayland. Politically incorrect to say but true.

Let’s get real here.  The good folks at U.C. Davis have made up their minds and already published the findings. The $25 million is a bribe disguised as a unbiased nonpartisan “academic study.”

The climate change folks and vegans want to focus on cows farting and burping to penalize the cannibals and fascists who eat meat and dairy products. Not a new concept, it has been ongoing for several decades now. The goal is the same, to make meat and dairy more expensive and less available, thus saving our lives as we are too stupid to make rational decisions concerning our diet and, by the way, save the planet nod, nod, wink, wink.

It is strange that the plan to drive up the cost and complexity of ranching and farming has reduced the number of beef cattle by 2 percent and dairy cows by 1 percent just last year; have you noticed the costs going up? Less product, more cost.

The Green New Deal is chipping away at our society in small bites, increase the costs of the non-politically correct products such as milk, beef, gasoline, diesel, propane and natural gas. Never forget high that fuel costs are a good thing, because it forces us into electric vehicles, so shut up, stop bitching and do what you are told.  

Google the crisis in Sri Lanka; the people storming the government, forcing the leadership to flee. The fact that the crisis is mostly over the scarcity and price of food will be buried in the story. In understanding the driving force of Sri Lanka’s crisis, the cost of food, we must confront the role played by eco-ideology. It is unquestionable that Sri Lanka’s suffering has been inflamed and exacerbated by its determination to become a Net Zero nation. Remember the term Net Zero — it will become front and center in the future.

Army Bob Traxler

Sri Lanka became a nation of fertilizer-free farming and pesticide free agriculture, a “good” environmentally responsible nation that will please the green elites in global institutions; indeed the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) praised the government as the people starve. Sri Lanka’s severe green policies have had a devastating impact on food production and on its key export industries, worsening its crisis of inflation and causing shortages.

Google the crisis, and the party line is that the revolt was not caused by Sri Lanka going green, but by the high cost of food and fuel. OK, but banning chemical fertilizer and pesticides caused a 25% reduction in food grown. Add in higher fuel costs and you have inflation, a fact well known in the farming community, although the academic and politically correct communities will deny it, and we must believe them and never question “the science,” common sense be damned.

Ask yourselves: are you better off today than you were when we were energy independent just a year and a half ago?  Ask yourself: are food prices up and availability down?

I went to the store Sunday and the brand of bread I buy was up 43%, cat food 22%, meat, pasta and cheese are also up in double digits.  So just keep telling yourself it is fine, and the economy is strong, and the Democrats are doing an outstanding job of running our nation. My opinion.


  • So a specific political party is responsible for the pricing of products, and the effective value of the dollar? Not significantly increased demand and historically reduced supply, combined with the largest creation in history of dollars into existence out of thin air(spring of 2020)?

    Are the massive tax cuts to corporations from a few years back still in effect? Is the impact from the largest generation in the history of this nation thus far retiring in droves a factor?

    Are the current methods of agriculture and resource management sustainable in the next decade or two, let alone long term? The methods are obviously unable to meet the past, current, or future needs of the planets inhabitants. Can the status quo even support this nation alone into the future?

    What about the side effects of these methods on environmental and human health detriments? Not to mention the results of current dietary practices on health costs and the defensive readiness you have previously discussed.

    Unfortunately this multitude of questions are but rhetorical in nature, I would not expect or even desire an answer to them. These topics appear to be another distraction away from the potentially more pressing current issue regarding the survivability of this amazing nation of ours.

    What sticks in my mind as a most burning question is that of the rule of law, and how it applies to the most recent developments regarding our former president? Most notable are the laughable attempts to defend and distract by the band of flying monkeys, in lock step form as typical pawns in the net of narcissism.

    Do you sir, have any personal thoughts on these legal developments, and the accompanying calls to civil conflict? Perhaps you are just waiting for the talking points to solidify. Or maybe you see the inevitable writing on the wall, waiting, hoping for it to “cycle out”.

    Can our nation continue on this path of blind faith in ignorant, inflamitory, and most certainly devicive rehtoric?

  • Mr. Baloney,
    “Most notable are the laughable attempts to defend and distract by the band of flying monkeys, in lock step form as typical pawns in the net of narcissism.” Your words followed by “Can our nation continue on this path of blind faith in ignorant, inflamitory, and most certainly devicive rehtoric?”.
    As for the the “legal developments” if you are referring to the raid on President Trumps home and it was a raid, with air support, 30 Federal Agents 18 of whom carried automatic weapons, and wore ballistic vests, involved, I want to read the affidavit before commenting in detail.
    Thank you for the comment.

  • Let’s all shed tears of sympathy for the columnist and his followers, who for the rest of their lives could pay a bit more for their precious steaks, baked goods, fuel, cat food, and vacations, just so their grandchildren might have opportunities for cleaner air, cleaner water, better health, and a livable climate.

  • The reality for “the columnist and his followers” isn’t really what we should be concerned about. It’s the reality for the average person in Allegan County that will have to make choices that Americans shouldn’t have to make.

    Choices like going without food or grocery items in favor of paying for utilities or fuel. Decisions like paying for their mortgage, or propane, but not both. Nevermind that for most, the choice of an electric car or solar panels isn’t even on the radar and never will be as they are driven into poverty by Democrat policies.

    Thankfully most Americans can now see that the Democrats are at war with the American middle class and are really doing absolutely nothing to help the most vulnerable working Americans.

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