Ex-Dorr Twp. Treasurer bound over to Circuit Court

Former Dorr Township Treasurer Myrna Marr Tuesday was bound over to 48th District Circuit Court on two felony count of larceny.

Marr, 66, who resigned her seat on the Township Board last January after serving for a little more than a year, was arrested by Michigan State Police in June and charged with two counts of larceny of more than $1,000 but less than $20,000, both felonies.

She appeared appeared in 57th District Court Thursday, July 7, after being arrested June 15, and she posted $1,000 bond.

Marr abruptly resigned her treasurer’s position at the beginning of this year after being elected in November 2020. Before then she had served as deputy treasurer to Jim Martin, who retired. She did not give a reason for her resignation.

Townbroadcast, at that time, wrote in an editorial, “… it has been no secret there has been a lot of tension and vitriol between her (Marr) and Trustees Chandler Stanton and John Tuinstra and Clerk Debbie Sewers. Stanton called her out publicly last year after he discovered a discrepancy of a little more than $8,000 in the budget expenditures…”

Laurie Perry has been appointed to succeed Marr in the treasurer’s post and was on the ballot unopposed in the August primary to finish out the rest of the term at the end of 2024.


  • Thank you Mr Stanton for staying the course. It’s not easy having local editors voicing their concerns against you.


  • Aren’t there actually two incidents? The 8000.00 you mentioned above and the 10,500.00 for which she was arrested and charged? Is she also responsible for the missing 8000.00? Would seem highly plausible.

  • Joycelin,

    I heard it’s alleged you are correct. Indeed it appears Dorr Township has had more than one incident of funds missing. I still find it intriguing that Supervisor Milling to my knowledge has not made a formal statement. Who wonders why?

    • Perhaps he has not made a statement because that would require him to actually do some work and represent the township. He seems to me to be just collecting a paycheck.

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