Denise Dykstra finishes 2nd in Co. Homemaker Contest

Denise Dykstra of Martin, a columnist with Townbroadcast, has been awarded second place in the annual Allegan County Young Homemaker of the Year contest. Dykstra, a mother of four boys, is on leave from writing her weekly “Everyday Joys” column.

Kerry DeBraber of Martin, the winner, commented, “The Allegan County fair recognizes women and their role within the home and community. I entered the Allegan County Young Homemaker Contest and was selected to represent our county. What an honor! And even more fun, I was able to do this alongside my friend Denise.”

Dykstra said, “Kerry DenBraber asked me to do this with her, neither one of us knew the other had signed up, and then we were able to do this whole event and all the things together.

“I can not tell you what a great time it has been. I wish I had all the words to explain it, but I just don’t. I had never been to the fair parade, and I was in one. I had never been to a Ladies Day, and I was one of the guests of honor. I never realized what the fair did to celebrate women, the role we play in our in our homes, and recognize all the behind the scenes things women do.

“Maranda spoke and it was phenomenal. And I am not saying that lightly. It was powerful and inspiring. Yesterday was just an all over amazing day.

“I wanted Kerry to post all the things first, as she took first, but I have been so excited to share all this with you. To sum up, the top two Young Homemakers in Allegan county are from Martin. How cool is that?”

COVER PHOTO: Kerry DenBraber (left) and Denise Dykstra.


  • Could the editor provide us with the criteria that make Denise worthy of the award? We know her from her column, and I, for one, love her talent for writing about her life. Would you share with us the other things about her that make her such a marvelous influence on our lives as well?

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