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Rash of traffic crashes occur at Wayland stoplight

Scott Dennis’ truck after the crash downtown.

Two accidents in one week have been reported at the stop light at Man and Superior Streets in downtown Wayland.

A truck driven by Scott Dennis of Wayland T-boned a car that ran the red light at the intersection Thursday afternoon.

“Today’s (traffic crash) was simply scary, Wayland City Clerk Lee Ann Claussen said on Facebook.” I heard the crash and looked up just in time to see a car spin around.”

She also reported that a child was crossing the street within the crosswalk, as a car turned and came within a few feet of hitting him and a lady was hit a few weeks ago, crossing the street wearing a safety vest.

“This intersection is crazy… it is making me crazy watching these things happen literally right outside my office window,” the clerk posted.

Dennis reported, “Everyone is OK, need a new front bumper on my truck, other car is totaled.”

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  • Wait until they get their left turn lane on Main St. Semis trying to turn left of main St will take a lot of bumpers off. No room for them now why make it 15 feet narrower?

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